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Film Ong Bak 3 Extra Quality Download

Ong-Bak 3 (Thai: องค์บาก 3) is a 2010 Thai martial arts film directed, produced and written by Tony Jaa and Panna Rittikrai. The film is a sequel to Ong Bak 2 (2008) and follows the story of the warrior Tien (Tony Jaa), who had been captured by the ruthless warlord Lord Rajasena (Sarunyu Wongkrajang). Tien escapes from Rajasena's clutches, recovers from his crippling injuries with the help of Master Bua (Nirut Sirijanya), and returns to confront Bhuti Sangkha (Dan Chupong), who has replaced Rajasena as the primary villain.

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After the events of the previous film, Tien is held captive by Lord Rajasena's soldiers. He momentarily fights back when they try to beat him with wooden staves, but they manage to submit him, and Rajasena orders Tien's elbows and knees to be snapped. Meanwhile, the village of Kana Khone is overwhelmed with people affected by a mysterious curse. In order to find a solution, Master Bua initiates a Buddhist pilgrimage, in which it's revealed that the source of the curse is Bhuti Sangkha, the dark mystic that defeated Tien. Bua decides to become a monk to better ward off evil.

Ong Bak 3 was released in Thailand on May 5, 2010.[2] On its first week it played in 135 theaters in Thailand and was the second highest grossing film in the Thai box office, earning $555,823.[3] Ong Bak 3 earned $1,335,646 during its theatrical run in Thailand and grossed a total of $2,325,473 with foreign markets.[4] This was less successful than Ong Bak 2, which had made $8,936,663 in total.[5] Ong Bak 3 had its North American premiere at Fantastic Fest on September 23, 2010.[6][7]The film was released on DVD and Blu-ray in Australia on November 8, 2010, and in the United States on February 8, 2011.

Both Empire and Film Business Asia praised the action scenes but pointed out the weak story. Film Business Asia gave the film a five out of ten rating praising the action sequences but finding that it made Ong Bak 2 "look like a masterpiece of character development."[2] Variety and Total Film found the film spent too much focus on Buddhist philosophy that left not enough time for the action scenes.[8] Total Film awarded the film two stars out of five, stating that "a greater focus on Buddhist philosophy...leaves little room for the sort of bone-crunching, no-frills set-pieces that first brought Jaa to our attention."[9] Slant Magazine gave the film three stars out of four praising it as "easily the most brutal of all the contemporary Thai martial arts films that have come to the U.S. thus far. But that's what characterizes the Thai style of fighting films: inspired excess and decadence."[10]

Ong Bak Tri is being developed by Studio Hive and will be published worldwide by Immanitas Entertainment for PC, smartphones, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live Marketplace. It will be a 2.5D side-scrolling brawler with "intense fighting action, impressive free-running sequences, and highly cinematic quick-time action events," according to the press release. The game, like the second and third films, is set in ancient Thailand. No official release date has been announced.[11][12]

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The film stock has a layer of natural, consistent grain. Compression only reveals itself during moments of thick or heavy smoke, an issue during the final 30 or so minutes. A digital intermediate destroys any natural beauty present in the Thailand locations, ramping up the orange flesh tones and embedding the greenery with excessive teal. The combination is as hideous as it is unoriginal. Earthy browns are completely lost for the the sake of more orange, orange, and orange.


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