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Women are better Investors – Its Proven – Here’s Why & How?

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Earn – Save - Invest

Historically, Researches have proven Women are better investors when it comes to Money & Wealth. Their decisions are wiser and logical most of the times.When it comes to investments, there are thousands of suggestions which come up, Enroll your self for a course, Talk to some experienced person, Lets ask an expert.

Let me break a myth – There is no learned person on the earth who know the “ART OF INVESTING”

The ART of Money is a Philosophy.

No one ever could define what is enough and what return is enough on investment.Where ever you can pacify yourself on the return, is the return one need to plan.

There is no better way than these natural observations about how qualities women possess can really help them becoming better investors.

Here are the 10 reasons why Women are better investors:

1.Women are Passive Investors

Men for ages now have become over-confident of active management of their portfolio and exactly where they make mistake.

Age old saying is that if you wish to make money from investment, “don’t time the market spend time in the market” Stay Invested.

Be it Gold or relationship, Women prefer to stay invested for life-long in the investmentk. And, That’s what make them better investor.

2. Self Control

Women have amazing Self-Control to temptations. Be it diet or exercise or investment.

This power of staying away from temptations helps them to take a better decision, they will never get influenced by tempting money making schemes and would want to refrain anything which is harmful – Such as gambling.

The power of saying “NO”


Women by nature are very content. They are happy with what they have and this is very important for an investor to practice.

Women generally are content with the status, money and family they are part of.

This is what an investor needs to learn from women. You need not to be irate for what you do not have.

Being Happy with what they have!

4.Analytical Brain

Women have amazing strength of analysing things. Their sixth sense is generally strong than their counter part.

They can sense an event before happening and this is not intuition, this is their ability to read through the things.

Where eyes can`t reach, brain can read. Use your brains.

5.Risk Aversion

Women tend to take lesser risk with the money and life. This helps them losing money lesser times than their male counter parts.

They are happy with lesser gains over risk of large losses.

This is what exactly is being taught in all investment classes. Avoid taking big risks when it comes to investing your hard earned money.

Women follow this principle of low risk.


Women can see things coming from distance. This God`s gift helps women take an informed decision vis-à-vis others.

Women can Plan and forecast for a very long time.

This farsightedness approach not only helps them in their family and personal lives but in their investment strategies as well.

Gold is one such example. Whether it was a man planned to convert the metal to ornament or woman planned it, it has worked for ages and still is working.


When it comes to responsibility, God entrusted biggest responsibility to women. Bringing new life to the world, The responsibility was given to the WOMEN and not men.

This responsible behaviour makes women different. In their dreams too they cannot be irresponsible to the assigned responsibility of bringing up the life they once brought to life.

The same quality becomes the most important reason for women to become better investor. THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE.

8.Habit of Savings

The habits never change – Neither Good nor Bad. Once a habit always a habit.

Women tend to save hiding it from others and this has helped many families during tough times from going bankrupt.

In 2016 during Demonetisation of Rs.500 & Rs.2000 notes. Many Indian women came out with lacs of rupees which they saved without anyone's knowledge.

In families two sibling sister and brother being given same treatment and same pocket money, having same values will always see the sister saving money and brother borrowing it every now and then from sister.

9. Women are researchers

Women like to find the logic and reasoning for everything and that research quality helps the in taking all decisions carefully.

Which car to buy or where to send the kid for studies, Women would like to take many opinions before taking a call. This sometimes delays the process but in long run makes a lot of sense.

Men will flaunt their know-it-all attitude where as women won`t mind asking a silly question at that moment to make them wiser for ever.

10.Invest in Self

When asked, What should I do to grow, In corporate world, it’s a FAD to suggest “Invest in yourself” . It could mean sharpen your knowledge or enrol for higher studies etc.

Along with this investment, taking care of your body and soul is also investing in self.

Who better than women would know HOW to INVEST IN SELF. Gym, Yoga, Beauty parlour, Runners club etc. are all perfect examples of investing in self.

SO Start


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Kapil Gupta
Kapil Gupta
Jan 16, 2022

Never thought on these lines. Really insightful


Rajwinder Bachher
Rajwinder Bachher
Jan 09, 2022

Indeed, excellent write up...very much true.


Manpreet Mehta
Manpreet Mehta
Jan 08, 2022

Wonderful article showcasing womens innate talent to manage any task even finances for that matter. Observations made are quite sharp & well laid out in the article. 👍


Aman Malhotra
Aman Malhotra
Jan 04, 2022

Indeed! A great write up and relatable to many women's life.....


Mayank Bhargava
Mayank Bhargava
Jan 04, 2022

My 2 cents.

100% agree to this statement !! In past year or so I have guided over 1800 people 💑. And helped them understand and create goals and strategy. Most of Men even after understanding needs and requirements, intentionally delayed their decision. Infact few of them were ok with the loss due to this delay.

However, women especially who are homemakers took stand and started implementing the plan very quickly to create passive income sources. I think they understand it better that it's not going to happen in one day but it will certainly happen one day.

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