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How to chose between Regular job and Business as a Career ?

Difference between a Regular Job & Business The biggest dilemma I had at the age of 21 was, Whether I should pick up a Regular Job and secure my future or take a risk and get into a business. I had a very dear friend G.B.S, He and me had similar educational background and almost same score. We both went for a job interview, I was selected and he was not. Today I have a secure job with salary in Millions per month, Changed 5 jobs and got raise 20% every time, A company car and a leased accommodation. I have stayed in almost all five star hotels across country. Travelled the world on company’s expense. I got transferred 5 times in last 25 years and every time the company paid the entire expense for the movement and a rented accommodation. Attended many page 3 events, Awarded by the management on achievements at multiple platforms. Got bonus every year (barring years when I did not perform). I paid taxes in seven figures, which I flaunted as my achievement. My friend G.B.S, we met up after 25 years, He shared his 25 years journey, He owns 5 businesses now and has hired CEO for each business, Recently he bought 25 luxury cars for his employees, He owns a Farm House for weekends, A Villa where he stays, A building where his employees stay as a company provided accommodation. He also owns some Agricultural land to save taxes. He owns share in biggest chain of hotels across country. He is living in same city for last 25 years and has a strong social equity built over years. He has a house in Dubai and London where his family visits often. He organises mega events on his and family’s birthdays and bills it to one of his company saving taxes and booking them as expenses. He pays bonus to his employees every year on Diwali irrespective of their performance. He hardly pays any tax to the government and flaunts it as much as I do after paying. People have their own reason to chose regular job or business as career. some wish to serve the country by joining armed forces, some wish to revolutionise the administration by joining civil services.

Handful are visionaries to give employment to others, they chose to create opportunities for others. Its a hard decision to make in the beginning to chose between a Regular Job and Own Business. Here are some differences between the two :


Age old perception is that you need Capital to get in to your own business, where as today, If you have an idea, Capital is least of the concern. Some people also calculate salary and return on investment. If you are getting a salary of 200000 the capital required to get 200000 Per month as return at 15% after taxation is close to 20000000. So be happy with the job of 200000 per month as it would take 20000000 of investment to reach there. A lot of middle class people only educate their kids and spend millions on studies for them to get a nice job and work for rest of their life like parents did. What are you meant for - A regular job or Own business ? Chose irrespective of Capital Requirement. If you have small dreams, are ready to compromise your self respect and you are a risk averse person, You should only look for a Regular Job 2. LOW RISK

Some people think that the Regular Job is low risk proposition. You have nothing to lose. All you will get is monthly salary after tax and live happily . Senior level Jobs have similar risk if not more as much as a Business owner has. Any decision taken by a senior employee makes him accountable and responsible and repercussion of the same can be far more worse than a business decision. There are no emotions shown by the company for an employee if found guilty or even alleged. A pilot who is an employee, if detected with illness which deters him from flying, will be grounded for ever. Where as airlines owner even if detected with the most deadly disease, will still be owner only. 3. CREATE LEGACY

A regular employee can reach what ever height in an organisation, Can become Managing Director of the organisation, But, Still can not give his/her chair to the son/daughter. The kid will have to go through the same pain of studying hard, scoring good marks, appear for competition, earn a job and then get in the job for rest of life and the cycle keeps moving. Whereas Business person can transfer his business to the kid or kids and create a legacy for family for generations. How many of employees would want our kids to go through same biased environment? Business has its own advantages and disadvantages. The cyclic pressure at times makes the business owners evaluate whether they want kids to join the same business or they should get in regular jobs to lead a stable life. 4. DISCIPLINED LIFE

A regular employee has a much disciplined life as he has to get ready every day to show up. A business owner has liberty to timings. The liberty can make life indisciplined. To be a business owner is a lot of responsibility and hence business has to have self-disciplined. While a regular employee has no option but to be disciplined , Be on time and attend to all scheduled meetings. Vis-vis A regular employee can take a break for family and self as per company policy, Business man at times may or may not be able to if there is pressing need of the business. An employee Is disciplined out of no option, Business person choses to be disciplined. 5. EXPERIENCE VS FRESH START

Kid of an employee, even if he reaches Managing Director level will have to start his life a fresh as a management trainee and will have to go through all the hurdles the employee has gone through. Where as Businessman’s kid will start with the experience of his/her father/mother of years. You may leave a property or a large portfolio in stocks for your kid as an employee, But leaving a running business has no substitute. Pain of going through the process or fun of going through the journey, You may call it anything. The initial formation years are important and learning is important.


The level of Decision making is very different in both cases. A businessman makes decision in larger interest of business. Whereas employee is restricted to take decisions for day to day operations of the organisation. Decision making of an employee is restricted to the delegated powers vested in him. The businessman has all the authority to take decisions for the business Once a wise man told me, To become a business man, does not need capital, It needs “Decision Making” 7. RESPONSIBILITY

The employee is only responsible for his actions to a limited liability whereas the business owner is responsible unlimited. The employee can only be held accountable for a mishap in his domain or jurisdiction, the business owner is accountable for any action in his organisation by any employee. 8. CASH FLOWS

The employee will get his salary on 6th or 25th or 30th or any day of the month decided by the management. The owner is dependant on the clients to pay the bills in time. The business owner will organise money, borrow it, to pay to the employees. The capability of the Business owner to manage seasons and cycles of cash flow make him or break him. Where as, An employee gets his salary irrespective of the hardships being faced by the Business. 9. WEAK STRINGS

An employee is connected to an organisation with a very weak string of a contract letter. The day the contract is over, the employee becomes NO ONE to the organisation. The owner stays owner always, Till the time he does not decide to sell the business. Employee may have spent 25 years in an organisation, He will be written off for one single small mistake or allegation. The organisation is emotionless towards employee which most employees do not realise unless they experience it. The Business owner, if at all makes any mistake will be counted as calculated risk and will be forgiven. He/She is the OWNER after all. 10. PROFIT vs SALARY

The owner gets the profit and long term benefit of the business returns. Yes, He/She deserves too as the RISK was not shared by the employee. Whereas the employee gets his salary and some times a small bonus. Employee is always at the mercy of the employer for his emoluments. A small raise of 3% to 5% makes him happy or not getting it makes him sad. The owner on the other hand is working on 20X or 30X revenue generation utilising the capability of the employee who is happy with 3% to 5%. Its a critical decision to be made at the start of the career. This one decision will shape your life and your social status. Chose carefully, Know your strengths and weaknesses, Rationalise your resources, Be creative and work on your ideas. The “Generation Z” is independent and likes to explore newer ideas to make living and live life as well. All Youngsters - Good Luck with your JOURNEY. Be CREATIVE & EXPLORE THE WORLD in your own way !! Do visit our websites

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