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Stock Market as a Career for aspirant freshers

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Money Making Hacks by Jasmeet S Anand Vol – 8

It was an eye opener to meet 18-year-old “Krrish”, during one of my visit to a friend’s place.

He was preparing for his life, with absolute clarity.

He was not preparing for Civil Services, neither for IELTS for foreign studies, nor for PET or CET.

He was reading and researching to become a stock market expert. He is envisaging a career in Stock Market.

CAREER in STOCK MARKETTTTT ? screamed his parents.

Here is what I learnt from the interaction, many of us have this pre-conceived notion that Stock Market is for riches and middle aged. Guess that’s something, holding future millionaire from becoming one.

What would you look for, if you have to start your career again? I will look for:

1. Flexibility of timing

2. Fat return

3. Freedom to work from anywhere

4. Longevity of business

5. Earning beyond retirement

Do you agree?

All of above and much more is quite possible with Stock Market, If one has;

1. Determination

2. Patience

3. Analytical skills

4. Appetite for little risk

5. Some Capital too

Here you go! The benefits of choosing Stock Market as Career, other than the fun of volatile rides;


In Stock Market, you are your own BOSS. Your mind controls you, your emotions decide on the action. No Human being is above you in the hierarchy.

One big challenge, present generation is facing in the corporate world is that most of the millennials are brought up quite liberally unlike 3 decades back. This generation is not used to taking orders.

What else one needs? A business without a BOSS.


Most of the careers in the beginning are very demanding and would want you to give up your passion. In some organisations, fresher works for more than 18 hours.

The Stock Market opens at defined time and closes at the time pre-defined. This is universal. Even if you want, you cannot work beyond the market time.

Today, in many Asian countries, due to no dearth of human resource, Lot of exploitation happens and people have to work for more than the humanly hours.

You can plan your evening dinner or a cards party or early evening movie with your friends and partners.


Beginners in many organisation are not spared on weekends to work either. Its advised also to the beginners by the veterans that they should work over time to learn things.

Here, Weekends are yours. YES, YOURS. You wish to read, research and gain knowledge, YOU CAN! You wish to enjoy, relax, go for a short vacation, YOU CAN!


Stock Market gives you option to pick up any business. You like telecom, there are companies on the index, you can choose to pick up. You are fond of automobiles; Auto sector has a large presence on the index. Information Technology always fascinated you, Invest in IT stocks.

Markets are most dynamic today than ever before. Emphasis from one sector to another shifts within no time. Stock Market gives you an opportunity to divest to any sector immediately without any hassle.

From Auto sector to IT sector or from Banking sector to Hospitality, you can simply shift in 2 clicks.


As you are dealing with the companies who have already paid taxes on the income, The Tax slab is lower on the income from the Stock Market, compared to the other incomes.

Till couple of years back, there was no income tax on dividend earned or LTCG (Long Term Capital Gain) from Stock Market. Imagine a business with low Tax or No tax.

Isn`t it a dream for many of us?


You wish to set up a Grocery store;

1. You will pay rent for the shop

2. You will employ 2 attendants

3. You will pay electricity charges

4. You will register for GST

5.You will register for Shop & Establishment act

6. You will register for Food inspection dept.

7. You will have to maintain ledger and accounts

8. You will have to invest in goods for selling

9. You will have to stay at shop for at least 12 hours a day

10. You will be working on Sundays

Same for Setting up a restaurant, Retail outlet, garment or any other business. If you wish to set up a new factory, how many permissions you would need from authorities?

STOCK MARKET – Set up your new business in just few hours. All you need is:

1. Smart phone or a desk top

2. Internet connection

3. A basic phone

And, you are ready for your business! No overheads, No Permission needed. Everything is taken care of.

All it needs is you


There is no upper limit to profits in Stock Market. Sky is the limit for well researched one. Two major things which will play a role in deciding your profits;

1. Your timing

2. Your research

If you pick up the right company stock, you will grow with the company. Choose the right directors and you have chosen the right company. Ethical owners will always have a higher probability of making long term success.


You have flexibility to work from anywhere in the world. You are nor restricted to a city, province or country to operate. You wish to trade in NSE while having a sun bath in Miami. YOU CAN!

There are many options today to trade in other markets than your home country. You can trade in most lucrative market from your own country as well.

You were always fascinated with NASDAQ. Today, sitting in your home in Noida or Lucknow or Varanasi or Jalandhar or Patna or Ranchi or Ernakulum in INDIA, you can operate in any market you wish too.

This Luxury of working from anywhere and in any market is not available with many businesses.


Stock Market is the main indicator of the economy doing well or not. For many years, we have been meaning to contribute to our economy. Here is your chance to do so!

The big businesses become even bigger with your contribution. In many countries like India, we have less than 3% people contributing to Stock Market. Imagine the hidden wealth being utilized by mobilizing rest 97% population to this Business.


Can you even imagine a business where you never have to meet the buyer and convince him to buy, and never have to visit the seller to ask for discount. Above all, no hassle of goods not sent as committed.

There is a BUYER and there is a SELLER always available at all prices. This is AMAZING!

You do not have to travel to sell your goods, no logistics cost involved. You do not have to talk to seller to send goods in time, Its available at a click of a button.

I can go on and on in explaining the benefit of choosing STOCK MARKET as a CAREER to youngsters. Above all the points discussed, it also “BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN YOU” You read, you gather knowledge, you talk to experienced people, you become Wiser.

This definitely needs hand holding like any other business. You need a mentor. A lot of courses online are available today for basic learning.

As the volatility is high in this business, Low patience people tend to lose big money as well. Take guidance in the beginning and research as you go ahead.

Like any other business, Never over-leverage. Start with the holding capacity.

Should you wish your kid to take up STOCK MARKET as CAREER, ensure to assign a MENTOR.

Visit my site: for financial literacy

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Latif Karnai
Latif Karnai
Feb 04, 2022

Wonderful article sir, thanks


Arun Dhamija
Arun Dhamija
Feb 04, 2022

An eye opener carrier under our nose Amazing article

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