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10 Tips for women beginners to invest !

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Money Making Hacks by Jasmeet S Anand Vol 2

Money making is not an art, it is a disciplinary science.

Every adult, irrespective of gender, should know how to manage finances. This skill too, like any other, can be acquired.

We need to start somewhere to reach anywhere. Goals may vary, means may vary but the method remains same.

Journey of thousand miles starts with a single step. "Begin, and you will reach somewhere. Do not start and you reach nowhere". Here are some ingredients to start your journey towards an healthy investment.

Even today, lot of ladies do not have independent access to money including their own money. It may be a personal choice but a situation none the less.

For those who wish to commence their own journey, here are some suggestions:


The best time to start the journey is NOW. Whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s,50s or 60s, do you have a choice to go back and start?

If not, START NOW !

Whether you have access to big money or not, actually does not matter. Start SMALL. All Big businesses started small and became BIG.

Your savings too will subsequently become big, START SMALL ! It is ok to do so.

2.Create your own portfolio

Be it small of big, create your own portfolio of investments, which you can call YOURS.

Partnership of any kind has influence or interference. Create one portfolio which is independent of all influences or interferences.

This does not mean hiding it from your partner. That is your choice!

It’s like having your own little space in your house where you feel most comfortable. ...or a financial space akin to your "me time".

3.Take Calls / Decisions

Learn to take decisions. Be bold! It may go wrong few timesbefore you get them right.

See rule no.1 Invest small – Even the wrong decision will not matter if we are playing small in the beginning.

This will boost your confidence and strengthen your conviction in yourself. Do adequate research before taking decision. It always helps to know how someone else dealt with a similar situation.

4. Diversify your investment

The investment should not be skewed towards one particular class of asset such as gold or equity or real estate. It should be diversified to mitigate the risk.

If we look at past returns, different assets have given different returns in any given period.

This also keeps the horizon wide and enhances your knowledge too. With the changing dynamics, the shift from an asset class to another is obvious and we do not know where the focus will shift. It’s a good idea to keep your eggs in different baskets. We can always choose one baskett to have more eggs than others.

These days, there are many options to diversify. One may get a bit overwhelmed and its natural. So, talk to the expert before diversifying. Every logic will look justifiable. Weight which logic is appearing more sound.

5. Take Less RISK

For a beginner, its wise to take lesser risk. You may not make huge profits, but neither will, you will not face huge losses.

When a child learns to ride a bicycle, he rides within the society complex to avoid major accident. Risk is still there but definitely lesser than riding on the main road.

Money is always dear to all of us and no one wants to lose it. So, it is advisable that in the beginning we reduce our risks to the bare minimum and over a period of time as we grow confident we can graduate to bigger calls.

6. Be Regular / Discipline

Discipline. Discipline. Discipline. This is the basic ingredient of success in everything else in life.

You feed your body at regular intervals, you exercise at regular intervals and you pray at regular intervals Similarly invest too REGULARLY.

Investing is not a ONE TIME ACTIVITY. It’s a consistent exercise.

Discipline can take you places where motivation cannot!

7. Do not share your password

Add your loved ones as your nominee, but, DO NOT share password with them!

Especially when you are trying to build your own portfolio, intrusion or interference is not welcome.

Generally, sharing password not only risks your portfolio, it also gets influenced by the co-owner of the password. Finally,the stronger influencer amongst the two will take over the decision making.

Do you hand over the steering wheel to the co-passenger of the car while you are driving the car. It is a risky and an impractical move. However you need to learn to drive to be in the driver's seat.

8. Be Patient

Trees with shades are not grown overnight. It takes nurturing, water and patience for the tree to grow.

Be confident of your decisions and stay patient. It will surely yield desired results. Big results = Lot of patience!

"Compounding" (interest on interest) functions day and night whether you are awake or asleep. Don’t be impatient with your investments. A new born takes 18 years to become an adult and every mother waits for the result very patiently.

9. Create Assets

Don’t just invest in anything, Invest in Assets!

Assets are the investments which pay you back. In form of interest, Dividend, Profit, Rental or Bonus.

Any money you own today, should not be sitting idle and must be working for you. Make money your slave and let it slog for you.

If your money is not making more money for you, you are not investing correctly. Change the course and invest in assets.

10.Maintain Balance

Balance is a key essence in LIFE. Your investments should be balanced too.

Balance between income and investment, balance between investment and expenditure and balance between various instruments.

The investment you do should not be stretched. It should be part of your disposable income. Do not cut too many cornersto invest.Remember - We are investing to live a better life and not living to make investments.

In the end, I would like to summarize :- Every individual should know how to manage finances. It is one of those skills which will always help you become more confident and make you future ready.

The investments should be made with a future goal in mind. We do not make money to make money. We make money to fulfil our dreams. Have a plan in place to fulfil that dream.

Give a date to each dream, Invest accordingly. You may not hit 10 out of 10, You surely will hit up to 10 out of 10.

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Vidur Tandon
Vidur Tandon
Jan 12, 2022

Must say that the time is now is the perfect statement which creates the urge to foresee a great future and a cherished dream come true.......very insightful.


Jan 09, 2022

Valuable inputs to follow


Jatin Sharma
Jatin Sharma
Jan 09, 2022

We can many fold our money by simply following these Tips !


Manpreet Mehta
Manpreet Mehta
Jan 08, 2022

Handy tips for anyone & everyone!

For a beginner, it’s a good guide!

And for the seasoned investors, below statement is v meaningful & a must for adhering to ”we are investing to live a better life and not living to make investments”.


Aman Malhotra
Aman Malhotra
Jan 08, 2022

Valuable tips where in patience and diversification is the most important factor!

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