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Evils associated with money to confuse children - Money making hacks by Jasmeet S Anand

Every thing we do today comes with a cost. The cost is being paid by money. How can money be evil if it pays for your school fee, it can save your life in hospital, it helps you travel the world, it buys you a car, it makes your food on the table possible and above all abundance gives your material happiness and luxuries. Why MONEY is being projected as an EVIL to the children in middle class family? 1. RICH PEOPLE EARNED IT WRONG WAY

For decades I kept thinking that money can only be earned by being unfair. Middle class has only one justification rofnot having enough money, “It can only be earned by being wrong.” Totally wrong concept. Money like any other success has both the routes. You chose what suits you. Middle class parents have labelled all rich as corrupt. Hiding your own failure by making some one else guilty. Some times parents do it to keep the kids away from vices. Rather, Children should be exposed & introduced to the concept of money very early in life. 2. MONEY CREATES DIFFERENCE

A very old saying is - A sure shot way of losing a friend is to lend him/her money. Yes, there have been cases of differences over money but, there is no guarantee of no differences by not having money. Its not money, Its the basic characteristic of your friend who you lent the money. Brothers fight over money, but, brothers also fight who do not have money. There are examples to prove vice versa as well. Friends come up for help, Brothers also do the same when some one is in need. Thats what relations are for, Helping others ! 3. HIDING MONEY ISSUES FROM FAMILY

“Father is provider in the family”. This one heavy statement has made many lives tough. Yes, The MAN (now, the definition has changed) of the family is responsible for providing food and shelter. He is also a human being and should be treated like one. Sharing financial issues with family is a big taboo. VERY STRANGE. If there is water shortage or electricity shortage in the vicinity, we talk to the family on how to resolve. These are resources which should be consumed wisely. What about MONEY? Thats also a resource and should be consumed wisely. Talking about MONEY issues in family will only help the kids to become wiser. DO NOT HIDE !


Money can only spoil, Water can drown, Does that stop you from sending your kid to swimming pool? We send the kids to swim so that they can tide over too much water, Train them to tide over too much money as well. They will only drown if they do not know how to swim? They will only spoil if they do not know how to use MONEY. Keeping them away from water will only make them ignorant. Don’t make them ignorant, PREPARE them. 5. MONEY INTRODUCES TO VICES

Guarantee me that if I do not have MONEY, My kids will not get into any VICES and I give it up all. Vices are picked up with the up bringing and not MONEY. Growing up in a palace can make a kid addict to drug, Growing up in slum also has same or more probability. Growing up in palace has higher probability of kid becoming a KING. Give the kid education, Give him right guidance ! 6. MONEY IS ROOT CAUSE OF ALL EVIL

Money is solution to most of the issues too. Not being wise with money is root to the evil. Be Wise with MONEY, Be Wise with Relationships. Be WISE ! Lust for money is EVIL, Working for Money is not EVIL, Thats CIVIL. The root cause is not money, Its the lust. Remove lust and the EVIL is gone. Remove money and nothing will change. If you want work on removing the EVIL. Remove lust or greed. 7. MONEY AND SPIRITUALITY ARE IN DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS

Many Saints and Avtars were from very rich family or Kings / Princes. On a lighter note, If they were born in middle class family, They would have not even got an opportunity to practice meditation or being spiritual. They would have gotten busy with basics. Being spiritual is to be connected with CREATOR. Where does the Money comes in between. Whether you are rich or not, HE will not look into your bank balance if you are rich or give you subsidy to be connected if you are poor. You do not have to give up Money (Or earn) to be connected to the Creator. Money can put your mind at peace materially and you can focus on larger things (being spiritual) in life. 8. HAVING MONEY IS CRIMINAL

Do not make friends with Rich guys in university was the first advice my Aunt gave me, when. I was joining my bachelors course. As if she was telling me that these are criminals, Stay away from them ! Its blessing and if you have friends who are blessed, What more you can ask for ? May be you will learn from them, How to be rich or how to earn money ? Isn’t it better than reading a book “HOW TO BECOME RICH” ? 9. MONEY IS MISUSED

The Soccer class does not spoil the kid, But asks for Money. The Maths teacher does not spoil the kid but asks for money for tuition.

Use of money is in our hands, misuse it - it’s a choice ! Money never spoils the kids, it’s the use or misuse of Money which can. A gun in the hands of soldiers also kills, but to save million of people. Same gun is misused by a terrorist to kill innocent people. is gun bad or the hands using it or misusing it ? Same is with the money. A spoilt kid misuses the money, not that money spoils the kid. Educate the kid to be a soldier to protect and the Gun (Money) will be put to best of the use.


In many middle class family, Talking about money itself is treated as EVIL. By not talking about money, we are taking the kids farther from the knowledge of money. The society and educational institutions realised the importance of Sex Education to teenagers. They have to realise the importance of Money education too. A lot of awareness is now being spread with nuclear families and both parents working. The New generation has seen the importance of earning money. They understand the concept. Keeping them away from the knowledge of Money won’t help. Talking will surely help. VICE IS NOT IN THE MONEY, ITS IN CHARACTER. Money is by-product of what ever you do. Make sure that what ever you do produces money. Be passionate for your work. Be creative with your work ! Visit for more information

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Jitender Mahlan
Jitender Mahlan
Mar 26, 2022

awesome 👌


Sunpreet Singh
Sunpreet Singh
Feb 27, 2022

When we talk about money, we aren‘t very clear with kids. Earned money needs to be spent, saved, invested, and indulged, within its limits. Borrowed money must be returned. Inherited money must be passed forward.

What is evil?

  1. Greed towards anything that is not yours is evil.. This includes the money you have not earned.

  2. Prioritizing greed for money over ethics and morals is evil.

  3. Ignoring oneself and family in the pursuit of money more than needed is evil..

  4. Hoarding money and being miserly is evil.

  5. Losing one’s mind over money is evil.

It was a good read, thanks.


Nindiya Jain
Nindiya Jain
Feb 26, 2022

If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free. If our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed.


Got it Boss..A wise person should have money in their head not in their heart... Raja salhotra :)

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