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Php Classifieds Script Nulled Code Fixed

I dont know what to say. About 3 days ago I released a script to the public. Today I realised, after searching on google that someone had already nulled (removed my protection) and pirated the script.

Php Classifieds Script Nulled Code

Any code that is released public has a chance of being hacked. This is the number one reason why Javascript is not secure. No matter how much you will obfuscate it, compress it or translate it to some random japanese dialect, it is still source code that the user has access to. Hence it should not contain any sensible information such as passwords or such. All sensible data should be stored in the server side where it is kept hidden from the user.

If you are releasing a php framework containing both the server and client code; then you have no way of fully protecting yourself. PHP is, like Javascript, an interpreted language. You may translate it, compress it, or obfuscate it as much as you want, (and it's probably the best thing you can do) you will never fully protect it when released to the public.

PHP is easily decoded, so for people who really want to know, it's easy to find out the source code. However, there are certain obfuscator programs such as this one that'll make your PHP script almost unreadable for those trying to decode it.

In general it's hard to prevent users from stealing code when the program is written in a scripting language and distributed in plain text. I've found that did a really nice job of being able to sell PHP code but still give the code to users.

Yeah, I knew about this some months ago.I downloaded a script for study and suddenly my Avast! Antivirus alerted.On scanning I discovered social.png was the culprit.So I simply used the antivirus to remove it and then saw the above php code in the theme files and removed it too.Now it is standard practice to scan every theme I get no matter the source. Safer that way.

I have already found such line of code in a nulled theme but never noticed that it was a malicious code. Just thought the code was wrong (misplaced) and strange and removed it.Thanks for making me aware of this.

Het Nederlandse beveiligingsbedrijf Fox-IT ontdekte dat er duizenden plug-ins en thema's voor de populaire contentmanagementsystemen in omloop zijn die voorzien zijn van CryptoPHP. Van die malware zouden inmiddels zestien verschillende versies zijn. Het bedrijf schat dat er minstens een paar duizend sites besmet zijn. De ontwikkelaars van CryptoPHP zouden sitebeheerders verleiden met illegale versies van add-ons, waar ze normaal gesproken voor zouden moeten betalen. Zo kwamen de scripts van onder andere de en Dailynulled-sites met zogenoemde 'nulled scripts'.


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