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Cat Goddess 13.wmv.rarl !EXCLUSIVE!

So here's the Greek mythology rundown, for the Assassins who might have been asleep in classics class. Zeus, king of the gods and bringer of storms, gets together with Demeter, goddess of the harvest. Sounds like a weird match, but compared to Zeus' track record this was actually kind of healthy. They have a daughter, Persephone, who's supposed to be beautiful, pure, the whole maiden goddess bit. Hades, riding a chariot pulled by demonic immortal horses, gets his kidnap on and drags her down to the underworld. (That scene's a favorite subject of Victorian dude artists, to no one's surprise.) Anyway, Demeter throws a (totally justified) fit, stopping any plants from growing. Pretty soon, Greece is starving and mortals are begging for hostage negotiations. Hades agrees to return Persephone but claims a loophole: she's eaten a few pomegranate seeds, which counts as eating the food of the dead, so she's got to return for part of the year. To the ancient Greeks, that's where winter comes from. To the Isu, that's why a dysfunctional couple is warring over control of the underworld.

Cat Goddess 13.wmv.rarl

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Oh gods, Hermes is a tough one to sort out even if you've studied up on this. Classically speaking, Hermes was the messenger of the gods. He's also a trickster and magician, lover of at least 40 goddesses, father of who knows how many divine kids, and a powerful warrior who defeated a hundred-eye beast. He's basically a mythological Marty Stu. The Isu Hermes seems to have been Pythagoras's advisor, which somehow trickled into Hermetic magic and the Golden Dawn. Good thing Aleister Crowley didn't know about Hermes' staff, or the Templars might have won this fight a century ago.

In ancient Greece, Hekate was the mistrusted but essential goddess of witchcraft, crossroads, and necromancy. She's the power you wanted to know, but didn't want other people to know you knew, if you know what I mean. When Persephone was kidnapped by Hades, Hekate helped Demeter to find her daughter. Then, when Persephone had to return to the underworld each year, Hekate offered to accompany her. That kind of sisterhood endures, and even today modern Wiccans keep literal fires burning for her. As for the Isu Hekate, if science sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic, then her science must have been some of the best.

To select ENGLISH language, please pick 4th item in the main menu and press Enter and select English option. In this game you'll take the role of the only boy in the female world angels and goddesses. You were created as this world faced thread from demons and monsters. Save this world and all girls in it.

Use CTRL - to zoom out the window to fit in your screen. This is a massive Hentai themed game where you'll face multiple battles with different enemies. Your task is to get laid and get pregnant 1000 monster girls who live in your village. Together with your companions you'll try to satisfy demands of your goddess.


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