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Download !FULL! Quickreport 5 04 Delphi 7 26

To can display additional graphic formats in TXDBGrid (*.pcx, *.scr, *.tif, *.eps, etc.) you should download GraphicEx library by Mike Lischke (Mozilla Public Licence 1.1) and register the Professional version (with source) of a package.

download quickreport 5 04 delphi 7 26


The packages shown on these pages are distributed as Shareware. Using this page, you may download their Trial versions. The Trial version of package can be used only when Delphi or C++Builder is running. Each package contains in addition a set of demo programs, excellent context help system (over 1000 topics) and printable Developer's Guide in *.pdf format. They let you know all new component's advatages. If you find them useful and you would to receive the full version, you should register the package.

You can also download ready to use Demo applications recompiled with Professional version of a package. The source code of Demos is included in the packages along with additional *.bat file, designed for that quick compilation.

On September 6, 2006, The Developer Tools Group (the working name of the not yet spun off company) of Borland Software Corporation released single-language editions of Borland Developer Studio 2006, bringing back the Turbo name. The Turbo product set included Turbo Delphi for Win32, Turbo Delphi for .NET, Turbo C++, and Turbo C#. There were two variants of each edition: Explorer, a free downloadable flavor, and a Professional flavor, priced at US$899 for new users and US$399 for upgrades, which opened access to thousands of third-party components. Unlike earlier Personal editions of Delphi, Explorer editions could be used for commercial development.

Delphi 2007 (Delphi 11), the first version by CodeGear, was released on March 16, 2007. The Win32 personality was released first, before the .NET personality of Delphi 2007 based on .NET Framework 2.0 was released as part of the CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 product. For the first time, Delphi could be downloaded from the internet and activated with a license key. New features included:

On July 18, 2018, Embarcadero released Community Edition for free download. You are not allowed to earn more than $5,000. Library source code and VCL/FMX components are more limited compared to Professional.

Here you can download for free FastReport VCL reporting tool for Delphi. Select your version of development environment for downloading. This is a demonstration version of FastReport Enterprise. Learn about different FastReport VCL editions (Embarcadero, Standard, Professional, Enterprise) here.

2) bigger problem:After extracting the files of into a directory and adding this directory to the delphi library search path, I tried to write a small demo app. Unfortunately, the compiler reports an error:

Obvioulsy, the package SynLZ.pas is not included in the zip-package. After getting a complete checkout of the SVN-archive, I added SynLZ.pas, and it works! So maybe you will add SynLZ to the download-zip.

  • [ ] [ 515,369 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ No Source ] [ D3 D4 D5 ]gsQRDataPrintPreview is used to print, print preview and export data from any DBDataSet. Component creates detail QuickReport report. You can set different properties like title name and font, data font, page orientation and margins, printer selections, etc. You can select how will be records displayed on report. It can be displayed in grid, row and even one record per page. You can export your data to CSV file (coma separated text) to use it in Excel, TXT file to use it in Word or Excel and to HTML file to use it in HTML editors and internet tools# Users can change almost all properties of report trough easy 3 step wizard! Product is created in Delphi 3 with QuickReport 2.03c and should work also in Delphi 4 & 5.The product is free, without source code, for non - commercial use.Added: 20-08-2000 Version: 1.0.0. Downloads: 3881/3881/5Author:Renato Podmenik [DSP files] [ ] [ 304,473 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ No Source ] [ D3 D4 D5 D6 C3 C4 C5 ]Need to create HTML, XML or text reports ?! Use this ! It works like well known ASP, JSP and PHP technologies and allows to produce HTML (XML, text) page from the template. However it works at the application side without Web server engine and can access application's objects and data. To design report view it is possible to use your favorite editor. For example, MS FrontPage, MS Word, Netscape Composer, Notepad and others. [more]Added: 21-11-1999/29-01-2002 Version: 2.2 Downloads: 10267/9699/13Author:Karim Yusupov Apelseen software [Homepage] [DSP files] [ link: DBC.ZIP ] [ size n/a ] [ Freeware ] [ No Source ] [ D3 D4 ]Duck Barcode component support type Code 39, Code 128 A, Code 128 B, Code 128 C, Code 25 Interleaved, Codabar, EAN 8, EAN 13, UPC A, UPC E, for Delphi 3 and Delphi 4.Free for non - commercial use. 120 USD for source code. version 1.2d correct in CRC UPC-A, EAN 13, 25 Interleaved. for more infomation -> Added: 15-11-1998/6-04-1999 Version: 1.2D Downloads: n/aAuthor:Mr. Somkiat Pathumsiriwan [Homepage] [DSP files] [ link: ] [ size n/a ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ] [ D1 D2 D3 C1 ]A Non-visual component providing extra information and procedures to aid printing.Added: 3-07-1998/2-08-1998 Version: Current Downloads: n/aAuthor:David Beale [Homepage] [DSP files] [ instant.exe ] [ 1,758,412 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ No Source ] [ D2 D3 C1 C3 ]Instant Report allows to create programs, forms and reports using VBScript/JavaScript, ActiveX controls and Delphi components. Any Delphi package can be installed into design environment. Any VCL component can be used in scripts.Added: 11-01-1998/19-07-1998 Version: 2.5B Downloads: 2393/2393/2Author:S.Kurinny & S.Kostinsky [Homepage] [DSP files] [ ] [ 121,905 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ] [ D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 ]Nishita's PDF Creation VCL (TNPDF) is a Delphi Native VCL to create Adobe Acrobat PDF Files which works like Delphi's TPrinter. This VCL was tested on D1, D2, D4. It should work on D3 and D5.Added: 3-03-2002 Version: 1.0 Downloads: 4662/4662/33Author:K. Nishita K. Nishita [Homepage] [DSP files] [ ] [ 258,901 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ No Source ] [ D3 D4 ]By Marco Mutti. This component let you access to Windows95/98 -AND- NT structures containing virtually any information provided by the system about installed printers and their pending jobs. Structures available are: PRINTER_INFO_1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, DEVMODE, JOB_INFO_1 and 2 (see Win32 online help for details), plus some obvious properties (installed printer names list, selected printer name and index in the list and so on). Methods to pause, resume and clear printers and jobs, some printer configuration dialogs. Events to monitor printer and printer jobs status changes. [more]Added: 21-12-1998/17-10-1999 Version: 1.1 Downloads: 5658/4533/22Author:Marco Mutti [DSP files] [ ] [ 106,507 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ] [ D2 D3 C1 ]TPagePrinter is the successor to TLinePrinter. TPagePrinter supports print preview, embedded graphics, and lots more. Best of all, it's free and includes all source code and a help file!Added: 26-01-1998 Version: 2.0 Downloads: 7342/7342/10Author:Bill Menees [Homepage] [DSP files] [ ] [ 445,168 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ] [ D3 D4 D5 D6 ]PowerPdf is a VCL to create PDF docment visually. Like QuickReport, you can design PDF document easily on Delphi IDE. PowerPdf supports most of fundamental functions such as some kinds of fonts, the image output, the line output and the data compression. [more]Added: 26-06-2001/23-09-2001 Version: 0.9 Downloads: 11334/11271/38Author:Takeshi Kanno [Homepage] [DSP files] [ ] [ 138,860 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ] [ D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 ]TPrintPreview is a descendent of TScrollBox and has properties of both TScrollBox component and TPrinter class. The main features of TPrintPreview are: Automatically adjusts printer's paper size and orientation at theprint time

  • Automatically adjusts mapping modes

  • Preview pages can be scaled with an arbitrarily zoom factor

  • Shows created pages while the new pages are in process to create

  • Displayed pages can be scrolled by mouse dragging

  • Pages can be saved/restored to/from disk

  • Each page is accessible as a Windows MetaFile image

  • Regardless of number of previewed pages and their complexity, only consumes a small portion of Windows resources

  • Has some methods to easily render rich text format and images

  • Can manage custom paper sizes and forms

  • Has a complete set of events

Added: 2-01-2002/25-07-2005 Version: 4.62 Downloads: 9444/9247/55Author:Kambiz R. Khojasteh [Homepage] [DSP files] [ ] [ 99,927 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ] [ D2 D3 D4 ]Print preview component that allows you to code your own reports without the need for visual report writers or complicated printer calculations. This component now allows you to print to virually any TCanvas object just as if you were printing to a printer. Now added support for using millimeters, pixels or inches when giving coordinates. All new, rotated text! Now you can print those envelopes right from your Delphi address list program or whatever. [more]NOTE: Previous users of this component should be aware that the obsolete methods have been dropped. Read the Additions.txt file for more information.Added: 7-03-1999/16-04-2000 Version: 3.3 Downloads: 12241/9504/18Author:James "Woody" Woodard TMW Software [DSP files] [ ] [ 103,934 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ No Source ] [ D2 D3 ]TPrnCells allows to generate and print reports, complex grids or, generally, any form based on "cell" creation. Cells support colors, fonts, borders, data alignment and they can contain text, vertical text, rich text or graphic objectssource on registrationAdded: 18-10-1997 Version: 1.0 Downloads: 3591/3591/3Author:Roberto Fuligni [DSP files] [ ] [ 14,309 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ] [ D2 D3 ]Unit to easily print InfoPower DBGrids.Latest changes by Tom Jensen.Added: 30-11-1997 Version: 3.1ww Downloads: 3104/3104/5Author:Paul Rice [DSP files] [ ] [ 12,187 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ] [ D1 D2 D3 ]QRAngledLabel is a improved quickreport label component. It's allow you to display (and print) the text label in any angle, from 0 to 359 degrees. Now with DB capabilities and new properties.This component is freeware and can be freely distributed or used for anyoneAdded: 3-11-1997 Version: 1.1a Downloads: 4491/4491/6Author:Francisco Maia Goncalves Neto [DSP files] [ ] [ 3,321 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ] [ D3 ]Component for using barcodes in QuickReport. Requires the barcode component from Allan Th. Poulsen.Freeware, source includedAdded: 21-07-1997 Version: 1.0 Downloads: 3334/3334/8Author:Martin Mittelmann [DSP files] [ ] [ 5,480 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ] [ D1 D2 D3 D4 C1 C3 ]QuickReport CheckBox component. New version no longer requires editing of QuickReport source code. Also supports frame styles and choice of check mark or X. Tested with all versions of Delphi. Freeware.Added: 31-01-1999 Version: 2.00 Downloads: 6153/6153/5Author:Robert Manning [Homepage] [DSP files]Paul Doland [DSP files] [ ] [ 2,966 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ] [ D1 D2 D3 ]Rounded Rectangles in QuickReports !Freeware including Source !Added: 23-02-1998/1-03-1998 Version: 1.0 Downloads: 3639/3639/ [Homepage] [DSP files] [ ] [ 2,959 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ] [ D2 D3 ]A QReport Shadow Rectangle component with rounded capabilitiesAdded: 1-03-1998 Version: 1.0 Downloads: 2280/2280/3Author:Patrice PECHEREAU [Homepage] [DSP files] [ ] [ 4,210 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ] [ D2 D3 D4 D5 ]A simplified way to send raw data to the printer using Windows API. It works just like good old DOS-printing :)) but goes through the Windows Printer Spooler. This means you can: - print text in real text mode (which is usually much faster) - include any commands your printer supports (like PCL, IBM Proprinter or EPSON codes)


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