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Film The Temptations 1999 DVDRIP Fix

Purgatory, also known as Purgatory West of the Pecos, is a 1999 American Western fantasy television film directed by Uli Edel.[1][2] The film premiered on TNT on January 10, 1999. It focuses on a gang of outlaws who find their way to a hidden valley and a peaceful town where residents shun swearing, alcohol, guns and any kind of violence but resemble dead Western heroes. The outcome is marked by its exploration of the interface between legend-making and humanitarian values.

Film The temptations 1999 DVDRIP

This nomination is the first for Bhutan and for Buddhist cinema in general. The film was only the second title ever submitted by Bhutan for consideration; the first was The Cup, by Khyente Norbu, in 1999.

The film reveals a serious breakdown of traditional values among the young in Bhutan, with all the banal temptations of the electronic world taking over at breathtaking speed since the modest opening of the nation to the outside world only a few years ago. Peyangki is challenged by the reality he encounters outside the monastery, and an older monk gives him a stark choice.


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