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[S2E8] Crime And Punishment

But while her involvement in the cruise fiasco was previously dumped on her as punishment, it also enabled her to realize that whoever won the CEO position was simply lining up for the guillotine. Her fourth-quarter decision to play the high road with her father while sending Rhea to her probable doom was a masterstroke.

[S2E8] Crime and Punishment

Thorfinn knows that Einar is furious and can do anything in his present state of mind, therefore he tries to calm him down. But Einar gets angry at his friend too as he feels that Thorfinn is not even mad about what just happened to them. He seems to be in a mood to kill the retainers but Thorfinn feels that it would not be an appropriate punishment for the crime. Thorfinn reminds Einar that he was the kind of man who would plunder and destroy when he was younger, so if the retainers deserve to die then he should be killed a hundred times over.

Mr. Bates is found guilty of poisoning his estranged wife, Vera, and sentenced to hang before being granted a reprieve of life in prison. At the time, the death penalty was mandatory for murder; capital punishment wasn't abolished in Britain until 1969. Lady Mary calls off her engagement to Sir Richard Carlisle, who is said to be inspired by the powerful press baron Lord Beaverbrook.

Murdock then makes an impassioned plea to the court, telling them that New York City needs men and woman who will take the law into their own hands, calling them heroes. The gallery applauds him, and he continues, saying that Castle took it too far by killing people, but that he deserves help, not punishment. Castle asks the judge for permission to speak. He then announces that he would commit the murders again if given the chance. He becomes more angry, loudly declaring that he is the Punisher and doesn't need anyone's help. 041b061a72


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