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[S10E15] Gone Girl !!TOP!!

Cristina is examining the baby when Arizona comes in with her leg squeaking every step. Arizona asks for an update and Cristina says he's had a median sternotomy and a few chest tubes, low SATs, high BP, and Failure to Thrive. Arizona asked if Cristina has cuddled him. She says she hasn't. Arizona says that if she were left in a cardboard box, all she'd want is some cuddles. Cristina says she'd want a cardiac cath to confirm that she'd had a coarctation of her aorta. Nevertheless, Arizona scoops the baby up as Cristina says that he's like a puzzle she can't solve. Arizona asks the baby if he's had a coarctation of his aorta. Shane comes up and says the hospital has no record of the baby being a patient there and the police are getting statements from Jo and Stephanie. Arizona gets paged. She tells Cristina to page her when she's done with the cath and asks Shane to take the baby. He is reluctant, but Cristina tells him to do it, so he allows Arizona to hand him the baby. As Arizona walks away, still squeaking, Cristina asks about it, but Arizona waves it off, saying it's a long story. After Arizona is gone, Shane asks if he can put down the baby. Cristina says he needs to be cuddled and she's not doing it.

[S10E15] Gone Girl

Herb Cramer stops Arizona ask she walks past the nursing station. He asks her if she has children and she says she has a little girl. He asks how she can have a kid still recommend that he allow them to amputate Alyssa's legs. Arizona says it's ultimately Alyssa's decision, but he needs to help her make it. He asks if Arizona thinks her life will be better with no legs, if kids won't stare or make fun of her because she's "crippled." Arizona corrects, "disabled," but Herb doesn't care what she calls it and asks how she can say that. Arizona pulls up her pant leg and shows him her prosthetic, saying she never thought she'd carry her daughter again or be a doctor, but with her prosthetic, there's very little she can't do. He asks her when she got the leg and she says she had it when they met. He never noticed, but she questions why he would notice. She says Alyssa's condition is severe. The pain won't get worse, but it will never stop. Herb says it's just the two of them and he doesn't want to make the wrong decision. She says she knows because Alyssa is his little girl.

April is leaving when Thom approaches her again and says he could sue them. She says that he signed away his rights when he agreed to be a donor. Thom counters that Donald broke the deal because Thom gave him the kidney to use and he has thrown it away. April threatens to call security if he doesn't back off. Jo comes up and tells April that Donald has died and now all the organs are going into the trash. April informs her that Thom is Donald's friend, which shocks her and she apologizes. Thom is saddened and shocked. April explains what has happened and says that Donald is gone. Thom says it's not fair and Donald has been his best friend since 7th grade. Thom was supposed to have saved his life with the kidney. April leads him away, consoling him.

After the bodies of two teens are found, the detectives trace their identities and learn that one of them had a sister who was traveling with the girls.Narrator: In the criminal justice system the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups, the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories.

The season begins with Sam's frantic search for his missing brother, who is gone without a trace. The road to recovering the wayward Dean takes Sam down dark paths, with consequences that will shake the boys to their core. Along the way, Sam encounters a former US marine named Cole Trenton, who apparently knows Dean and wants revenge for Dean killing his father. Meanwhile, Castiel, with the aid of Hannah, has to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of Metatron's campaign. But with his grace failing and rogue angels still on the loose, Cass faces the ticking clock of his own mortality. After Sam learns that Dean is a demon, because of Crowley and the Mark of Cain, Sam eventually finds him, with help from Crowley, but so does Cole. While Dean and Cole meet and duke it out, Dean overpowers Cole and nearly kills him. But Sam manages to trap Dean with holy water and handcuffs carved with devils-trap symbols.

At that moment, Clark sees a text message from Lois from the night before, which says "I just need more time." Chloe persuades Clark not to doubt what he has, that his relationship is in a solid place. Suddenly, two young girls pass by, clad in leather jackets with Elvis pictures, listening to an Elvis impostor crooning show tunes. Chloe stops the girls, and a closer look reveals that Elvis is none other than Emil, who seems to be an overnight success. Chloe notes the lead and tells Clark to meet at Watchtower.

The scene shifts to a casino club, where Elvis (Emil) and Tess, clad as a June Cash look-alike showgirl, are sharing the spotlight in a country rock song onstage. Clark enters, taking in the scene, when some police officers pull Emil off the stage and arrest him on charges of stealing an armored vehicle.

Lois and Oliver are asleep on railroad tracks in a shady part of town next to graffiti-covered architecture. We see a pair of feet, now clad in Lois's patent heels. After she walks off, Lois awakens by shoving Oliver's hand off her chest and shouting him awake. They are confused about last night's events as well, both with splitting migraines and without money, ID, or cellphones. Lois then discovers her engagement ring gone.

Lois catches sight of the casino boss, who is wearing her engagement ring. Lois is about to go ballistic, but is stopped by the security guards, who take her and Oliver to the back and tie them to each other on chairs. Oliver has Lois cooperate as he frees them from their duct tape chains. They go back out to the club scene, but are immediately spotted, so thinking quick, Oliver and Lois quickly don the spare risqué showgirl costumes and join the dance troop on stage.

25 The Fall of Hyperion, Funny Misshapen Body, SAQA Portfolio 18 (looking at pictures more than reading), some really awful princess movie with Selena Gomez that the girlchild was watching and I totally fell asleep while not watching while grading tests (no really) 041b061a72


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