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[S1E10] White Lie Christmas

Leo tries to protect the president from an official censure and the bowl features what appears to be a miniature replica of the Bartlet For America napkin he first gave to The President, which featured in the previous episode. Although it's basically a white blur with black bits so could, quite frankly, be anything.

[S1E10] White Lie Christmas

At the abandoned Christmas tree factory, Dusty is greeted by Santa Claus, who comes in and tries to hide his villainy from him. Dusty thinks that the reason Santa came to Paradise was because of the Christmas spirit and Santa goes along with it, only for him to spill his toy sack, revealing tons of bags of argyle meth, much to the shock, dismay, and overall, disappointment of Dusty. Santa admits the truth and says that he is, indeed, the argyle meth kingpin and he's surprised that it took him this long to figure it out, given that it's literally red, white, and green. Dusty, having lost his faith, gets mad at Santa. Santa decided to make up for it by giving Dusty his Chuggy Chuggy Choo Choo train, ... which he strangles him with. While this fight goes on, the citizens of Paradise happily sing a song about how great of a man Santa is. Dusty breaks through the Chuggy Chuggy Choo Choo because of how cheap it is, so Santa pulls out a gun and starts shooting at him but Dusty hides behind some Christmas trees and grabs a candy cane. While Dusty sucks his candy cane, Santa comes up and beats the shit out of him. Meanwhile, the song over at the Christmas tree lighting, continues to glorify Santa's greatness and denies the possibility of him ever picking up a yule log and crushing a fat guy's skull, which is exactly what Santa starts to do back at the warehouse at this very moment. Gina gets ready to give the Christmas tree lighting it's grand finale by plugging the outlet into the big socket, which causes a blinding beam of light to engulf the entire town in brightness. Over at the abandoned Christmas tree factory, this light blinds Santa and causes him to lose focus. When the light finally goes away, Dusty comes up with his candy cane, which he sucked into a shank, and stabs Santa to death with it, while unleashing a stream of profanities unto him. Santa turns to magical Christmas dust and flows away. Just then, Kevin and Randall come in and see Dusty there. They also see the big bag of meth beside him and Randall asks who it belongs to. Dusty said that it was Santa's and naturally, neither of them believe him and assume that he's the argyle meth kingpin. Dusty gets promptly arrested by the FBI and taken away. Kevin scratches his head at this, saying that he could have sworn Gina's video footage proved his innocence but Randall tells him not to sweat it and instead feel happy that he just busted the argyle meth case.

Kevin goes to the hospital to tell Fitz the great news about how he became a national hero and his parents are getting back together but says that it all feels empty because he doesn't know if he'll ever wake up from his coma. After Kevin leaves, Fitz awakens, revealing that he was faking his coma all along. He makes a phone call to somebody else and says that his villainous plan worked better than he thought and that now people think Dusty is the kingpin, creating a perfect red herring to divert attention away from himself, revealing that he is the true argyle meth kingpin. A flashback shows Fitz working with Terry Two-Toes and Santa Claus on making argyle meth. Fitz thinks it's stupid that the argyle meth is red, white, and green, thinking this is a dead giveaway that it belongs to Santa sarcastically suggests they put chocolate in there too, which Santa interprets as a legitimate suggestion, which he goes along with, thereby explaining the deaths of Bullet's friends. At the circus, Fitz is seen with the dying body of Prop Cop and telling him that he rigged his circus performance, whereas to kill him intentionally. Fitz switched out Prop Cop's plastic steak with a real one so the tiger would maul him. He also oiled up the tightrope that Ronny and Donny walked on and put extra strength gunpowder in Handi-Cop's cannon. Fitz tells Prop Cop that he fucking hates prop comedy as Prop Cop dies in his arms. Lastly, Fitz goes to the holding cell and shoots Terry Two-Toes dead. After the flashback ends, Fitz says that his evil plan is coming to fruition but is still being threatened by Kevin, who's getting too smart for him. He plans on taking him out next. Fitz laughs mechanically and the season ends on a dramatic cliffhanger, followed by a strong ending joke, wherein a commercial for Hopson's mobile glory hole commercial shows up on TV.

After Glenn announces that the Missouri Lottery jackpot is the most it's been in 20 years, Marcus relates his lottery dream. Later, as Glenn gives a Cloud 9 personal budgeting session to the staff, Marcus encourages staff to buy one lobster to be eaten a little each day over two weeks. He's concerned about healthcare and says he pees in the shower to save toilet water ("Lottery"). Marcus watches the ultrasound of the baby Dina is carrying for Glenn and Jerusha. He does an impression of Richard Nixon which he thinks is Ronald Reagan. In the Warehouse, he finds a retainer which he thinks is his and puts in his mouth. He's at the gender reveal party and congratulates Glenn and Jerusha on having a white baby ("Gender Reveal").

As Cheyenne and Marcus rue not being able to wear their costumes, they're told it's because the costumes objectify cultures. When Amy justifies being able to dress as Mario, Marcus takes her to mean that dressing up as a specific Rastafarian, Bob Marley, is OK. When it's agreed that a racially appropriate costume is one where the culture is honored, Marcus is allowed to wear his costume for the contest. Going first, he sets the tone for all the contestants by saying that the Rastafari movement isn't about ganja and bobsleds but about resisting the tyranny of white oppressors ("Costume Competition"). 041b061a72


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