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The Woman King Felirat Magyar _VERIFIED_

The Woman King - A harcos nagy felbontású poszterek több nyelven, a posztereket akár ki is nyomtathatod a nagy felbontásnak köszönhetően, a legtöbb esetben a magyar posztert is megtalálod, de felirat nélküli posztereket is találsz.

The Woman King felirat magyar

Anna Leonowens (Jodie Foster), a British widow, has come to Siam with her son Louis (Tom Felton) to teach English to Crown Prince Chulalongkorn, the heir of King Mongkut (Chow Yun-fat). She is a strong-willed, intelligent, valiant and benevolent woman for her time, which pleases the King. Mongkut wants to modernize Siam, thinking this will help his country resist colonialism and protect the ancient traditions that provide Siam its identity. For this reason, he has Anna teach all of his dozens of children, born to twenty-three wives.

The court returns to Bangkok, where Anna tearfully prepares to leave Siam for good. Mongkut shares one last dance with her, marveling that he now understands how a man could be content with only one woman. A voice-over tells viewers that Chulalongkorn became king after his father's death, abolishing slavery and instituting religious freedom with his father's 'vision' assisting him.

While searching for leads on the prophetess, Shindo encounters his sister, who is also looking for the prophetess to continue her story. The two of them go to a bar to meet with Murai, with whom Naoko is working on a story about the meteor in Kurobe. While they are at the bar, they see a news report on the television showing the prophetess speaking at Mt. Aso. She warns the surrounding crowds that volcanic gases accumulated inside the mountain will resurrect Rodan, but her warnings are laughed off by the crowd. However, true to her warnings, Rodan emerges from the crater and takes flight. As Rodan resumes his reign of terror across Japan, the Venusian reappears at a port, warning that the cruise ship preparing to leave there must not sail. The captain stubbornly refuses to heed her warnings, but the Shobijin, who are passengers on the ship, are intrigued by her prediction. Naoko arrives at the scene and convinces the prophetess to come with her to a hotel so she can do a story on her. Malmess and his men follow them to the hotel, and enter the room when Naoko leaves. Malmess tries to find out for certain that the woman is the Princess, and holds a knife to her throat to threaten her. Meanwhile, Shindo arrives at the hotel to try and secure the prophetess, believing her to be the Princess. When he enters the room, the Shobijin kill the lights and warn that killers are in the room. Shindo opens fire and chases the assassins off, and once the lights are turned back on he finds the prophetess meditating in a corner. Naoko asks why the Shobijin are here, and they reply that they are heeding the prophetess' warning. 041b061a72


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