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عبدالقادر الضو عبدالله

Drevitalize 2.42 Full


as a final note, drevitalize is a tool to protect your hard disk drive. while it can be used to help erase the disk and remove any protection built into windows in order to help you use the disk, there are also other, more complex tools that can be used to protect your hard disk. the best solution is to not use disk encryption at all. if you do use it, and you care about your disk being encrypted, you can use the tool to remove the protection and still have the same level of protection. however, if you do not use encryption, the protection offered by drevitalize does not do anything. if you want to use encryption, the better tool is to use truecrypt.

to make this a more interesting read, some of the tips listed here are presented on how to use drevitalize. if you want to remove the protection and not mess with the contents of the disk, you are free to remove these steps. however, if you want to check the disk for errors and possibly repair them, then you will want to read on.

if you need to remove the protection, it is only a matter of ticking the box. if you don't want to, you can simply uncheck the box. you will be asked to restart the computer, and you will now see a message indicating that drevitalize has been removed. the disk will remain as it is, and there is no risk of corruption.

if you want to check the disk for errors, you can run drevitalize again by entering "drev" and pressing enter. the tool will now check the drive for errors and give you feedback on whether it found any. if it doesn't, it will let you know that there are no errors. however, if it finds errors, it will recommend the best action to take. 3d9ccd7d82


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