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The Good Detective Season 2 (Episode 15 Added) ...

The show makers have revealed that the series is going to have a total of 16 episodes this season. Fans of this detective-thriller will be able to witness the action twice a week since two episodes will be released per week. Although the timings may occasionally change, there has been no change in the timings at the moment. The Good Detective season 2 episode 15 is ready to air on September 17, 2022, at 22:30 KST for Korean viewers.

The Good Detective Season 2 (Episode 15 Added) ...

What makes a good detective game? A mystery that needs to be solved, a set of challenging but still enjoyable puzzles and objectives to be completed. In addition, the right atmosphere is essential. Whether set in a smoky lounge in the 1940s or a more modern city setting, players should feel like they're thoroughly immersed in the world the mystery takes place.

There also needs to be a good detective with whom players can share a profound experience. The games listed here have all of these elements and more. So here are the Best Detective Games.

The Professor Layton series shows that not all detective games occur in dark and gritty settings! While Professor Layton's character isn't a detective, his prowess at solving puzzles makes him just as good. The central plot of the game series has him tasked with solving mysteries.

While it was cancelled after two seasons, we have a lot of love for Aquarius. It's a detective show starring David Duchovny and focuses on the weirdness surrounding Charles Manson as he turns from petty crook to cult leader.

At the precinct, Nate approaches Detective Brianna Davis and asks her if Denver is blackmailing her. She turns around and tells him that he should worry about himself and indicates Denver behind him and walks off to leave them to talk. Nate tells him that she was a good detective. Nate asks where Connor is. Denver tries to work out why Nate is so loyal to Annalise saying what she has done for him. He asks if it is the sex and calls Nate a trained dog. Nate claims that he has been working in his office for months, gathering information to try and bring him down. Denver tells him that there is nothing there. Nate claims that he has a file full of evidence. Denver looses his temper and tells Nate that he is going to jail with Annalise and clarifies that he is fired.

The moody Yorkshire countryside is the setting for this rather formulaic but nonetheless satisfying series with five meaty seasons. Based on the detective novels by Peter Robinson, it stars Stephen Tompkinson as the divorced and somewhat dour Alan Banks, who partners up with attractive younger colleague Detective Sergeant Annie Cabbott to solve a series of rather vicious and bloody crimes. Caroline Catz joins the team as DI Helen Morton when Cabbott goes on maternity leave.

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