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Download Robot Car: A Sci-Fi Adventure Game with RPG Elements

Robot Car is one of the most frequently played racing games in which you can see a lot of robot cards that are available and you can select any of the cars with which you want to play. You have to complete all the tasks and protect yourself from the human forces.

Robot Car Apk is a racing game in which you can test your skills of car racing by doing unlimited racing without any restriction and you can also select your favorite robot car with which you want to race and protect yourself from the human forces which are always trying to kill you.

download robot car

In this game, there are a lot of robot cars available that you can select to play. You have to earn a lot of money by winning the competitions and tournaments and then you can get a chance to buy more and more robot cars by spending the money.

To download this game, you have to search for the game on the Internet and you can see a lot of web pages. Open one of the more secured web pages where you can see the download option. Click on the download button to download the game.

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You should download this game as in this game you can get a chance to show your racing skills by driving the car efficiently. You can also upgrade your cars and can buy more cars from which you can make your own collections of robot cars.

Dear Support Team,Good day, I received Osoyoo robot car as a gift from my father.I assembled the car, downloaded and uploaded the required code for lesson 1 as per instruction in the video. But it did not work as it was supposed to, the car was supposed to go forward, backward, left and right for 2 seconds. i also reassured the car assembly and re-uploaded the code. But still the problem persists.

A)STA modeIn STA mode, V2.1 Robot Car will be a client device of your LAN router. You need save the SSID name and password of your LAN router in sketch.Once the sketch is running, your router DHCP service will assign an IP address to your robot car and your APP will use this IP address to access your car.

Now your Robot car is connected to your LAN, you can use Mobile phone under same LAN to control the robot car. If your APP is in WAN, you need to go to your Router Control Panel, forward Port 80 to Robot car LAN IP address, then you can use Router IP to control the car. This feature makes our robot car A REAL INTERNET OF THING device

I am trying to use the first version of the WIFI code (STA Mode). I got the code to compile and load into the robot, however, I am getting an error stating -Cannot initialize ESP module, WIFI Shield is not present.

based on your description, you are very very very very likely to have written wrong SSID or PASSWORD in the sketch code. Please double check every letter of your SSID and password in the code include space and everything. Also make sure your robot car is connecting to a wifi router, not to a cell phone hotspot. Cell phone hotspot might block ESP8266 as STA client.

Dear customer, we designed two versions of the motor drive shield for this robot kit, V1 version and V2 version, the shield will be shipped randomly with the robot. This wiki tutorial page is only for the robot with V1 motor drive shield. Please check the picture below, if you received the V2 version of the motor drive shield, please visit the link below to download the corresponding tutorial.

So what is Arduino? Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. Arduino boards are able to read inputs - light on a sensor, a finger on a button, or a Twitter message - and turn it into an output - activating a motor, turning on an LED, publishing something online. Based on this, Keyestudio team has designed a 4wd robot. It has a processor which is programmable using the Arduino IDE, to mapped its pins to sensors and actuators by a shield that plug in the processor, it reads sensors and controls the actuators and decides how to operate.

There are two versions for WINDOWS system, one is installed version, another one is download version, you just need to download file to computer directly and unzip it. These two versions can be used normally. Choose one and download on your computer.

(6)Download APPThe code is for reading the received signal, and we also need a stuff to send signal. In this project, we send signal to control robot car via cellphone.Then we need to download the APP.

There are many ways to drive the motor. Our robot car uses the most commonly used L298P solution. L298P is an excellent high-power motor driver IC produced by STMicroelectronics. It can directly drive DC motors, two-phase and four-phase stepping motors. The driving current up to 2A, and output terminal of motor adopts eight high-speed Schottky diodes as protection.We designed a shield based on the circuit of L298p. The stacked design reduces the technical difficulty of using and driving the motor.

Through the above diagram, the direction pin of B motor is D4, and speed pin is D5; D2 is the direction pin of A motor, D9 is speed pin.PWM decides 2 motors to rotate so as to drive robot car. The PWM value is in the range of 0-255, the larger the number, the faster the motor rotates

If we add a 8*16 LED board to the robot, it will be amazing. Keyestudio's 8*16 dot matrix can meet your requirements. You can create facial emoticons, patterns or other interesting displays yourself. 8*16 LED light board comes with 128 LEDs. The data of the microprocessor (arduino) communicates with the AiP1640 through the two-wire bus interface, so as to control the 128 LEDs on the module, which produce the patterns you need on dot matrix. To facilitate wiring, we also provide a HX-2.54 4Pin wiring.

We combine the hardware knowledge -- various sensors, modules, motor drive, to build an ultrasonic follow robot car! In the circuit process, we can make use of ultrasonic sensor to detect the distance between robot car and front obstacles. Control the motor rotating by measured data, thus control the motion of robot car.The specific logic of ultrasonic follow robot car is as shown below:

We combine the hardware knowledge -- various sensors, modules, motor drive, to build an ultrasonic follow robot car! In the circuit process, we can make use of ultrasonic sensor to detect the distance between robot car and front obstacles. Control the motor rotating by measured data, thus control the motion of robot car.The specific logic of ultrasonic follow robot car is as shown below:

(1)DescriptionWe combine the hardware knowledge -- LED matrix, motor drive, ultrasonic and servo, to build an ultrasonic avoiding robot! In the circuit process, we can make use of ultrasonic sensor to detect the distance between robot and front obstacles. Control the motor rotating by measured data, thus control the robot motion and show the running state by dot matrix. The ultrasonic avoiding capability is almost the same as the ultrasonic following function. We only need to change the source code.

Robot Car is an exciting car game with a lot of fun. You can play as a driver and take control of your robot car to race against your friends. You can control your car by pressing the accelerator or brake. You can also turn your car by tilting the phone. You will have to avoid obstacles and try to reach your destination. You can unlock new cars by completing different missions. The game has great graphics and you can enjoy it on your phone. You can also download it to your PC and enjoy it on a bigger screen.

Take your whole class on the road to STEAM with the indi Class Pack. This pack includes charging and storage for 8 indi robots as well as our standards-aligned Educator Guide Book and lesson plans for indi.

Take your whole class on the road to STEAM with the indi Class Pack. This pack includes charging and storage for 8 indi robots as well as our standards-aligned Educator Guide Book with lesson plans for indi.

The ultrasonic sensor emits the short and high frequency signal. These propagate in the airat the velocity of sound. If they hit any object, then they reflect back echo signal to thesensor. The ultrasonic sensor consists of a multi vibrator, fixed to the base. The multi vibratoris combination of a resonator and vibrator. The resonator delivers ultrasonic wave generatedby the vibration. The ultrasonic sensor actually consists of two parts; the emitter whichproduces a 40 kHz sound wave and the detector detects 40 kHz sound wave and sendselectrical signal back to the microcontroller.The ultrasonic sensor enables the robot to virtually see and recognize object, measuredistance and avoid obstacles. The operating range of ultrasonic sensor is 2 cm to 450 cm.

SG90 9g micro small servo motor is the main source of controlling action of theremote-control model. The module is widely applied in the field of fixed wing, helicopter,gliding, small robot, manipulator model.PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) is a set of equipment used to install and fix the camera module. One setof PTZ contains a PTZ base, 3 pieces PTZ brackets and several accessory screws. Support fullrotation.

With the car platform, adding micro-controller (such as Arduino) and sensor modules, thenprogram it, a robot car comes up.All the module interfaces have been modified with XH2.54 ports as to make it much easierand convenient to assemble the car.

The app is specially designed for Uctronics wifi smart robot car. It can control the movement of the car, avoid the obstacles, start line tracking, adjust the camera direction, take photos and videos.

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