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Cavite Buy And Sell Cell Phone [UPD]

With each of the different types of parcels requiring different packaging and shipping rules, the whole process can feel more than a bit daunting. Before shipping cell phones, however, they must be packaged carefully because it contains a lithium-ion battery.

cavite buy and sell cell phone

If you sold your cell phone on an e-commerce platform like eBay, it might also be worth the extra $2-3 for signature confirmation just to be extra cautious. In fact, eBay actually requires signature confirmation for cell phones valued at over $750 as a protective measure. Sometimes they even provide this service with the label that they provide, so check your options before printing out their generated label.

UPS Ground Shipping will get your cell phone to its destination within one to five days. While it is generally more expensive than USPS, their online tracking platform is more consistently updated and quite reliable. 041b061a72


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