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How to Reduce Eye Strain and Sleep Better with a Free Blue Light Filter for PC

We all know that light can be both harmful and beneficial for our vision and our overall health, especially sleeping. Natural sunlight contains both UV and blue light. We all know the dangers of UV or UltraViolet light and we often wear sunglasses to prevent long term damage.

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People are exposed to blue light via everyday technology, Blue light exposure has been shown to impact health. Some studies also suggest that chronic blue light exposure may represent a risk for the development of age-related macular degeneration and other pathologies. Animal studies have shown that age-related macular degeneration can be induced by blue-light exposure.

PC SunScreen is a powerful software app for PCs running Windows 7 or later, which automatically adjusts your screen colour to mimic natural daylight, gradually increasing the blue content from dawn to midday and then reducing it in the hours before you intend to go to bed. Research has shown that this can have a significant impact on sleep patterns.

The colour of natural daylight varies significantly throughout the day. At dawn and dusk, much of the blue content of sunlight is scattered resulting in the dramatic red skies in the early morning and at sunset. The blue content of sunlight reaches a peak close to midday.

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CareUEyes can automatically filter the blue light and make the screen look warmer and comfortable to the eyes, so that your eyes do not feel tired, and this application comes with several presets that adjust both color temperature and brightness such as normal, smart, office, game and night.

CareUEyes is an eye care software with blue light filter ,screen dimmer and bread minder(rest timer). This software provides eye protection for those who use their computer continuously for hours. Using this eye care software, you will be able to apply a blue light filter to the computer screen in order to reduce eye strain.

You can manually adjust the display color temperature and brightness to apply the blue light filter and relax your eyes. Apart from that, it also comes with 8 different predefined filters based on various activities and you can apply them to your screen with just a click.

G.lux is a free and unofficial variation of F.lux, a desktop app that automatically changes the color temperature of your monitor as the sun goes down. Monitors are typically daylight balanced, which can interfere with your sleep cycle when using them after sunset.

Thanks. I hope its not too late for me to start using anti-glare/blue light features on my laptop since have started experiencing itching in my eyes? Though have seen an optician and he recommended an eye drop.

The good news is, you can start using blue light filter software to reduce eye strain and in some cases even improve your sleep. We put together a list of apps that you can use on your computer that will help you avoid the harmful effects of blue light.

Blue light is the reason your eyes start hurting after spending too long staring at your device screen. Continued exposure to blue light can suppress the production of melatonin or sleep-inducing hormone. This means that continued use of your devices keeps you alert and extends your day but also disrupts your natural sleep cycle. That could be causing your eyes to feel tired and overworked at the end of the day, as well as cause various sleep problems and even depression over time.

CareUEyes Lite is a free version of a blue light filter app called CareUEyes. Installing the Lite version of CareUEyes is an excellent way to test out the blue light filter app before buying the Pro version and see how you like it first.

To turn on Night Shift on your Mac, follow the path Apple Menu > System Preferences > Displays > Night Shift. There you have an option to Schedule the blue light filter to turn on and off together with the sunset and sunrise in your location, as well as choose a custom schedule for it.

The Manual option turns the blue light filter on until sunrise. You can also set the color temperature of the screen that you prefer moving the toggle from Less Warm to More Warm.

A blue light filter for Windows 7 can help to reduce the harmful effects of blue light and protect your eyes. By filtering out blue light, you can reduce eye strain and headaches, improve your sleep, and protect your overall health. A blue light filter also makes it easier to work for long hours in front of a computer, making it a must-have tool for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a screen.

With so many blue light filter software options available, choosing the right one for your needs can be a daunting task. However, by considering a few key factors, you can find the perfect software for your needs. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a blue light filter software:

CareUEyes is a Windows 7 blue light filter, which helps prevent eye fatigue, relieve eye pain and vision problems. It filters blue light by adjusting the color temperature, so you can freely control the filter intensity of blue light. The lower the color temperature, the less blue light.

1. Drag or click the color temperature slider on the interface. Drag to the left to decrease the color temperature(reduce the blue light), and to the right to increase the color temperature (increase the blue light).

Unlike other blue light filter software on windows 7, CareUEyes has higher performance. It only needs 5M of memory at runtime, and it does not consume too much CPU time. And the package of CareUEyes is only 2M. I believe this is your best choice.

Although blue light is harmful to the eyes, proper blue light irradiation is beneficial to people during the day. Blue light can keep people awake and have the energy to finish work or study. Therefore, if you are not a person with extremely sensitive eyes, you only need to filter a small part of the blue light during the day and restore the light of the computer screen to light similar to sunlight.

But at night, blue light becomes very harmful, you need to filter more blue light to prevent sleep from being disturbed by blue light. Excessive exposure to blue light at night will cause sleep problems. Because blue light inhibits the production of melatonin in the body. Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland. It helps your body know when to sleep and wake up. (External Factors that Influence Sleep)

Researchers are continually releasing studies on the potential harm of blue light. When you stare at a screen all day and into the evening, it can affect your sleep and disrupt your body's natural rhythms. For these reasons, blue light filters are incredibly important.

The reason blue light hurts is purely biological. Sleep is a part of the circadian rhythm, which is the cycle of biological processes that are determined in part by the levels of light and dark exposed to our bodies.

Microsoft added a blue light-limiting feature to Windows 10 in the Creators Update released in April 2017. Called Night Light, this feature shifts the Windows 10 display to show warmer colors that reduce the amount of emitted blue light. Turning the feature on is a simple process.

Windows 11 is Microsoft's latest operating system, and just like Windows 10, it has the same blue light filter. The feature is once again known as "Night Light," and you can turn it on in a few simple steps.

... the day - is reduced when exposed to blue light. By tempering this blue light, it becomes easier to wind down properly at ... the screen color and brightness to the indoor light, so as to protect the eyes while using ...

... the day - is reduced when exposed to blue light. By tempering this blue light, it becomes easier to wind down properly at ... evening and at night, computer screens are starkly blue compared to the 'natural' orange glow provided by ...

For most of our waking days, we are surrounded by screens. While it's not a big problem in itself, staring at screens well into the evening can result in a disturbance of the natural sleep cycle, which in turn, can result in health risks like insomnia, daytime fatigue, and more. The culprit behind this is the blue light emitted by these screens.

And in this way, you can filter the blue light on Ubuntu. You also get additional options to edit the settings, such as setting up a schedule for automatically turning on the blue light filter for the next time. There's also a feature to maintain the color temperature of your screen.

If you google for the best Ubuntu blue light filters, you are bound to encounter Iris Mini. An open-source and minimalistic alternative to f.lux, Iris Mini does the job of removing the blue light from your screen. Moreover, it can also decrease your screen brightness without increasing the flicker rate of the screen.

As said by the creator himself, Redshift takes its inspiration from the popular blue-light filter tool, f.lux. Initially, it started as a command-line project, but now it's also available as a GUI app.

The blue light emitted from your screen can disrupt your sleep cycle. Therefore, it's necessary that you take steps to reduce your exposure to it. Hopefully, one of these methods did the trick for you. But don't stop now. Linux comes packed with many similar tricks that most people are still unaware of.

Since there are already several articles about f.lux on Glarminy (see here, here, and here) the focus of this article will be on Iris and how it compares to f.lux (in anti-CVS effectiveness). Six other popular blue light filter apps are also mentioned. These are not considered as the best for CVS prevention because of an inferior blue filtering technique. The article first mentions the functionalities that Iris and f.lux do equally well. Next, the anti-CVS capabilities offered in Iris but not in f.lux are described. Finally, the article reveals the functionalities that could potentially help reduce computer eye fatigue but are yet to be fully implemented in Iris.


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