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Goat Simulator APK: The most realistic goat simulation ever

Goat Simulator Payday is an excellent android game where you will run a criminal gang that escaped from the zoo. In this game you take control of a pink flamingo, a dolphin on a gurney, a spitting camel and a goat. Your main task in this game will be to escape from the zoo and rob a bank. Develop your attack on the bank and spend the money you have to buy new masks for heroes so that the police do not recognize them. Each hero in this game has his unique skills for example: a flamingo can fly and control the minds of people, a dolphin can climb any surface with a wheelchair, and a camel spit with water. Buy masks, steal expensive cars and get away from the police harassment.

Your friends can be goats too! Goat Simulator 3 has 4 player co-op, locally or online. Travel through the world of San Angora together, cause cooperative mischief aplenty, compete in 7 fun multiplayer mini-games... and then not be friends anymore.

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This time the goat went to space, in space is not so easy to be able to engage in damage, you will lose weight floating up. Players can be the embodiment of star war sheep, profiled sheep, mechanical sheep, and can also cultivate feelings with humans, together to conquer the universe! Like the players do not miss oh


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