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Hudson Diaz

Any Dimension Mod!

I've tried Blue skies, but I have the no tree punching mod and blue skies dimensions allow only for tools made by those dimensions to work there, and since I can't break the trees there with my hands, I can't progress

Any Dimension Mod!

Have you ever wanted to see an entire dimension made of gold? Or TNT? Maybe diamond? Or just curious to be in a nether-like dirt dimension? Then this mod may be just for you! Check out the screenshots below!

It's VERY simple. To create the portal, just make a portal frame just as a nether portal would be, with the material you want the dimension to be made of. Next, you need to craft the Igniter, which activates the portal. In the crafting table, put two sticks like you would do to craft a pickaxe, on top of the two sticks put an Ender Pearl, and on the sides put a block of the dimension and a flint and steel. Done!

BACKUP YOUR MINECRAFT WORLDS.If you want to stay completely safe, unless you know what you're doing, backup your entire "saves" folder and use this mod on a brand new minecraft world.The Slime Block Dimension and the fence dimensions ar very laggy. Enter at your own risk.Various dimensions are made out of blocks with low blast resistance, so be careful with TNT chain reactions!

- Doesn't restrict Forge version anymore. You may use the latest Forge version for MC 1.12.2.- Updated Dimension IDs to fix a bug that caused the 100 dimensions limit.- Added a whole lot of new dimensions. Now has 172 dimensions (previously 61 dimensions).- /anydimensionmod now correctly displays mod version.- The list of available dimensions is now a lot more readable.

It is one mod which has been able to touch on an aspect of this game which lots of modders have been ignoring all this while.What it has been created to do is bring in the addition of various dimensions. These are dimensions which could be sourced or gotten from any of the materials that you want. These could be bookshelves, obsidian, diamonds, wood, cobblestone, TNT or even stone. This is one mod which gives you lots of flexibility as you will be able to make your decision from the various options available to you. Some of the current dimensions are: Redstone Ore Dimension, Lapis Lazuli Dimension, Netherrack Dimension, Bedrock Dimension, Crafting Table Dimension, Quartz Block Dimension, Emerald Ore Dimension and so on.

Any Dimension Mod 1.12.2/1.7.10 is a mod that adds many dimensions for players to choose from. The Minecraft Mods Free Download uses materials of stone-like to add more dimension abundance. Cobblestone, obsidian, wood, bookshelves, diamonds, or even explosive materials are just among.

First of all, you choose the material made of the dimension by creating the portal. That means you need to make a portal frame, which would be as a nether portal. To activate the portal, you need to manufacture the Igniter. Now you put two sticks in the crafting table and put an Ender Pearl on top of them. More than that, would be better if you know how to put flint and steel dimensions on the sides

Make a copy of your world before putting on Ultra Amplified Dimension! If you remove any dimension mod, the Nether and End dimensions will be missing from the game due to a Mojang bug. Also, putting the mod back on will not restore the dimension. -197860

SERVER OWNERS NOTE:If you make a fresh new world with this mod on a server, restart the server after the world is made due to this mojang bug causing json dimensions to not be made upon world creation only on servers. -195468

Ultra Amplified Dimension is a dimension mod that flattens the land into floating layers and uses vanilla-like biomes with nearly every feature modified to fit better with this insane landscape! This includes trees spawning under the layers with patches of Glowstone-infused blocks providing light and large columns connecting layers! Some biomes were improved greatly such as Tall Birch Forest generating massive thick 2x2 trees and ocean biomes now being giant floating bowls of water! And yes, the Nether and End biome is also included in this world too to make things more interesting. Even the Ice Mountain biome was transformed into Iced Terrain biome where all the Stone is now Ice!

When using this mod and want to enter this dimension in any worldtype, be sure to build this portal like shown below! 8 Polished Granite, 10 Polished Andesite Slabs, and 1 Polished Diorite. Then right click on the Polished Diorite with Flint and Steel to create the portal block. Right click again on portal block (while not sneaking or crouching) to teleport to the Ultra Amplified Dimension! The reason why right clicking while crouching won't teleport you is so you can now place blocks on the portal itself if you want to. Also, you can mine the portal with any tool or your bare hands if you misplaced it (the portal will drop Polished Diorite when mined). You can change what blocks are needed for the portal frames or what activation items work by using a datapack to override the default tags! An already made datapack you can edit is further down.

One of the biggest feature of this mod is nearly EVERYTHING worldgen is configurable! And to make it easier for you, all you have to do is download the below datapack that works for both Forge and Fabric, unzip it, edit the JSON files to the settings you want, and then put the datapack into your world's datapack folder which is found in the world's saves folder. When making a new world from scratch, you can click the datapack button and just put your datapack in the folder that was automatically opened for you. Though do note, there is a config file for this mod for the stuff that is not able to be done through datapacks such as heavy fog, allowing nether portals, cloud height, and making UAD's portal block always exit player's to the Overworld from UAD instead of their original dimensions.

Lets take a look at the datapack! When you enter the data folder, you'll see 4 folder named c, forge, minecraft, and ultra_amplified_dimension. The first three are just for putting my blocks in the right tags for other mods to work with. We can just ignore these folder for most use cases. Instead, open up ultra_amplified_dimension and you will be greeted by several folders that we can check out!

This folder holds the ultra_amplified_dimension.json file which creates the UAD dimension! Inside it, you can edit all kinds of stuff such as "biome_size" or "sea_level". At the bottom, there are a bunch of structures listed that you can change how common they are. Or you can just delete the structure's entry from this file to make the structure not spawn at all in this dimension! The noise values that created this dimension's shape is also exposed here and can be changed for more crazy or wild world shapes!

But the really cool thing is the "regions" section. In here, we have "ocean_biomes", "end_biomes", "nether_biomes", "hot_biomes", "warm_biomes", "cool_biomes", and "icy_biomes" lists. And each entry in this list is a group of biomes with a weight. We can add or remove biomes from here to customize the world more!Even other mod's biomes should work if you add them here. But make sure every region has at least 1 biome group in it. Now, "main_biome" and "weight" are the two entries all biome groups must define in order to work. Increase the weight to make a biome more likely to spawn. But you can add "sub_biome", "border_biome", "shore_biome", "mutated_biome", "mutated_sub_biome", or "mutated_border_biome" entries too to add some variety to the main biome. In the future, I would like to try and add a config option that automatically adds other mod's biomes to the dimension so you don't have to manually add them all by JSON but for now, you'll have to edit this file instead.

If you are daring, go to the config for this mod instead and set "import_all_modded_biomes" to true to import all modded biomes into the dimension! However, most other mod's biomes will not look good in the dimension. This is because UAD's biomes were highly tailored and tweaked to fit the terrain generation perfectly. But other mod's biomes are not made to fill land underneath or be so high up. The "imported_biome_blacklist" is also available to blacklist biomes if you choose to turn on "import_all_modded_biomes". But otherwise, I would recommend manually adding specific modded biomes you know will look good in UAD to the "region" section instead.

The ultra_amplified_dimension.json in this folder determines additional properties of the world such as "ambient_light", "has_skylight", "ultrawarm" (evaporates placed water), "bed_works" (false will make beds explode), and a bit more.

THIS is the BIG folder that contains most of UAD's worldgen logic! The three folder that you would most likely want to edit are the biome, configured_carver, and configured_features folders. The biomes folder has every UAD's biome and you can edit their JSON to add/remove features, structures, carvers, mobs, whatever you want! You can even change the biome's sky color or grass color or more! Just know that the "depth" and "scale" values do nothing in UAD's dimension at the moment. The configured_carver has the ravines and cave cavity files. You can edit their "probability" entry to make the ravines or caves more rare or common. Higher number is more common. You can also change the tallness of ravines or what height they spawn at.

The configured_feature folder has nearly EVERYTHING you can think of. It controls the placements of trees, how common ores are, etc. The one entry you may want to edit is the "minecraft:count_extra" entry or "ultra_amplified_dimension:ledge_surface_placer" entry at the bottom of the jsons. These two control how often that feature spawn per chunk. For "minecraft:count_extra", the count is how many attempts to spawn the feature while extra_chance is how likely that extra_count number of attempts will be tried on top of count's number. For "ultra_amplified_dimension:ledge_surface_placer", the column_passes entry is how many times the game will scan the chunk from top to sea level and valid_spot_chance is how often it will attempt to spawn the feature when it hits the surface of land as it moved down the chunk. 041b061a72


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