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[S3E4] And The Group Head ((HOT))

Michonne walks the perimeter of her temporary home and begins to suspect that the Governor was responsible for the deaths of the National Guardsmen. While Andrea and Michonne makes plans to leave Woodbury and head for the coast (or a nice secluded island), Andrea gives Merle some information to help him track down his brother Daryl. Merle and the Governor reach an accord in which the Gov will go with him once they receive a few more supplies. The Governor then manages to sweet-talk Andrea into staying and it looks like Andrea may have bought herself a few more days there along with a reluctant Michonne. A relatively tame and peaceful day; the same could not be said for Rick and the gang.

[S3E4] And The Group Head


"Remedial Chaos Theory" is a concept episode, with each timeline showing how the group is affected by the absence of one of its members. "The Darkest Timeline" ensues when Troy leaves, causing Pierce to be shot and a fire to break out. Further episodes continued plot points from this timeline. The episode received critical acclaim, lauded by fans and critics alike as one of the best episodes of the show. It has been described as one of the best episodes of 2011 and the 2010s. McKenna received a PAAFTJ Award and an Emmy Award nomination for his work on the episode. "Remedial Chaos Theory" also received a Hugo Award nomination.

Troy and Abed invite their study group to a housewarming party. After Abed presents his Raiders of the Lost Ark boulder diorama, the group begin playing Yahtzee. Jeff rolls a die to determine which of the group must collect the pizza delivery, numbering starting from his left. Abed claims that Jeff is creating six different "timelines" by rolling the die.

Jeff rolls so that Annie (Alison Brie) gets the pizza. As Pierce (Chevy Chase) claims he had sex with Eartha Kitt, Britta (Gillian Jacobs) is stopped from singing along to "Roxanne" (1978) by Jeff. Troy finds a gun in Annie's bag. Pierce tries to give Troy a present. Jeff hurts his head on the ceiling fan. Annie returns, calling the pizza guy a creep. Similar scenes subsequently arise when the scene is restarted, Jeff rolling a different number each time. It arises that the group thinks Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) has a baking problem and Pierce's gift is a Norwegian troll that scares Troy. Other recurring scenes include Abed catching the rolling diorama boulder, Britta smoking marijuana and Annie inspecting Jeff's head injury.

When Shirley gets the pizza, the group let her pies burn, so she insults them and exits. When Pierce leaves, Troy unloads to Britta about Jeff making him feel immature. When Britta leaves, Pierce torments Troy with the troll; Britta returns, engaged to the pizza guy. "The Darkest Timeline" arises when Troy leaves. Annie trips over the diorama boulder, flipping a table. Her gun discharges and shoots Pierce in the leg. Britta drops a joint, starting a fire. Troy returns to find the troll staring at him amid the chaos. When Abed leaves, Shirley learns Britta smoked marijuana, Troy becomes furious at Pierce, and Jeff and Annie kiss, then fight; everyone but Abed is unhappy. In a seventh timeline, Abed catches the die and exposes Jeff's plan: there are seven people and the die is six-sided, so Jeff never has to collect the pizza. The group make him do so and dance to "Roxanne". Abed suggests that Annie move into the apartment.

The end tag shows the Darkest Timeline: Shirley is an alcoholic; Pierce died; Annie was sent to a mental health ward; Jeff lost an arm in the fire; Troy lost his larynx trying to eat the troll; Britta put a blue streak in her hair. Abed makes felt goatees for the remaining group members, suggesting that they become evil and try to journey to the main timeline.

Critics found that each timeline shows how the absence of any member of the group would significantly disrupt or affect the others, variously interpreting each timeline.[15][13][9] The "Darkest Timeline" arises when Troy leaves the group to get the pizza. Critics have commented that this indicates that Troy is the group's linchpin, without whom the group descends into chaos, or that Troy should be the leader of the group rather than Jeff.[16][17][13] Some critics found that Annie has a caretaker role, despite struggling to take care of herself, whilst Shirley is a mother figure as the other characters do not take responsibility for their actions.[13][17] Joshua Kurp of Vulture opined that without Pierce, Jeff feels insecure about being the oldest.[17] Others found that Troy tries to act mature around Britta, and wants Jeff to view him as an adult, but is immature when just with Abed.[17][18] In regards to Abed, it was suggested that his meta-commentary on the group allows them to confront their issues.[17][13] Though Jeff's consistent interruption of Britta as she tries to sing "Roxanne" initially seems like a joke on her, it is a joke at the expense of Jeff, as the rest of the group happily join in when he is the one to get the pizza.[13] According to some critics, the group would be better off without Jeff.[13][14]

Aspects of the episode highlighted for praise included the attention to detail and intricacy in the alternate timelines.[27][13][1][9] Emily St. James of The A.V. Club praised the episode as simultaneously "silly, moving and revelatory".[13] The episode's end tag and Darkest Timeline scene were received positively.[13][14] Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly found that the episode was well-acted by each cast member.[29] Alan Sepinwall of Hitfix praised the episode for its detailed depiction of the relationship between each of the characters in the group.[18] Sepinwall further praised the episode's humor.[30] Robert Canning of IGN found that the episode "told a great story, it satirized a specific aspect of pop culture and it, above all else, was full of laughs."[25]

After the boys are done playing in the water, they all head back to the cars. Since Suga has already left, V ends up taking his spot in J-Hopes car and turns up the energy with some music. They also end up getting to the ferry first so V breaks out some rice cakes he brought from Korea for them to snack on as they wait for Jungkook, RM, and Jimin arrive, only to remember that J-Hope has all their cash. Luckily, they find out that they can pay with a card and use their own credit card to get on the ferry.

Done for the day, everyone heads back to the house where V brings in his suitcases. Jungkook, Jimin, RM, Jin, and J-Hope wait in the living room and answer a few of his questions as he tries to figure out which room he wants to pick. They had planned on keeping details a secret, but end up giving away a few hints. After trying to get as much information as he can, V ends up picking the room that Jungkook is staying in.

John soon returns to the house, squashing that mini cliffhanger from before, meeting Sarah and welcoming her into the family. At the same time, the rest of the kids settle down into life at the OBX again. The group have a touching reunion with their folks, with the exception of Sarah of course.

Sarah manages to sneak out after gaining this valuable info, and feeds this on to Kie, believing they should be there to infiltrate this meet. Kie heads off to see JJ first, but things between them are awkward given the angst in the air between them. Kie admits to JJ that it caught her off-guard too and indirectly reveals that she cares for him.

The Maroons were real people. Not quite as African as shown here. Maroons were an alliance between Caribbean natives and escaped African slaves. And the majority of the slaves who successfully escaped were Africans captured in inter-tribal wars. Essentially the Europeans bought a bunch of soldiers and sold them in a group to plantation owners. These people, who came with their own military experience, were at an advantage when it came to breaking free.

Jason, Sonny and Clay are all out closing down the bar. Sonny leaves first, and when Jason suggests hitting another bar, Clay declines insisting he needs sleep. He promises he'll be heading home once he settles his tab, but instead orders another drink.

The next day the entire team is screening new candidates for Bravo Team. Though Jason has final say, it is a group decision. With the two leading candidates as David Yoder and Vic Lopez. Clay is hoping to have his buddy Yoder on the team as they used to serve together on SEAL Team 3. Having finished up for the day, Ray playfully confronts Jason about his all-nights. Inside their locker rooms, their new Captain Greyson Lindell introduces them to the teams new psychologist Dr. Natalie Pierce. She is notably met with resistance, especially from Jason.

Lisa finally finds the location of the ship and passes on the information on to Captain Greyson Lindel, who can see she is beating herself up over it and he confirms to her she did the best she could. Ray runs into Mandy and the two discussed Jason's hotheaded ways before they are all called away to immediately take off to the East.

While onboard the plate, Jason rallies the team after a conversation between him and Sonny. They make it onto the ship, with Lisa and Eric Blackburn running point. After Sonny gets the first door open, Jason decides to finally go with Ray's plan. This leads to a successful mission with no lives lost. Back on the flight home, Ray and Jason talk about Ray becoming Warrant Officer. Ray admits he should've brought Jason into what he was thinking, and Jason agreed he can be too hotheaded. They also bring up who should be their new recruitment. Ray points out that Jason won't be team-leader forever, and both agree that Clay is the most likely candidate to lead Brave in the future. Deciding they need to bring on a reputable number two the same way Jason has Ray, they make the decision to go with Vic.

Jason Hayes: All right, hold up. Look, I know these past few days, I've pushed you really hard during the training. And maybe that's because of all the changes that I'm going through back home in my life. I just want you to know that I trust each and every one of you with my life. And there's no other group of guys I'd rather jump into hell with. So, let's get this done. 041b061a72


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