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Buy Large Dog House

The NewAgePet Bunk House Dog House is made with ECOFLEX, a proprietary composite blend of recycled polymers and reclaimed wood fiber by-products. The ECOFLEX material is non-toxic, eco-friendly and impervious to moisture and odor, making it the perfect material to keep your pet happy and healthy. All NewAgePet outdoor products are backed by an unrivaled 10-year limited manufacturer warranty. This dog house features a raised floor design for superior ventilation and a roof that removes easily for cleaning. Door flap available for separate purchase. Offered in sizes Large and X-Large. Available in Maple with Green trim and Gray with White trim. NewAgePet products are easy to assemble, easy to clean and easy to LOVE!

buy large dog house

A German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Rottweiler and other large dogs should have large houses, while the Chihuahua and smaller breeds will need smaller houses. The door of the house does not need to be based on the height of the dog from the ground to the top of its head, or even taller, as it will lower its head to be able to enter the house. The width of the door should be just enough to accommodate the dog. These height and width measurements can be adjusted if there is a physical requirement to do so.

Some dog houses are made with hinged roofs, a feature that allows owners to raise the roof during hot and humid weather. This flexibility provides adequate air flow to flush out warm air and allow fresh or cool air to enter. In some cases, these roofs can also be lowered, creating a smaller space for the dog and enhancing its ability to retain heat during rainy or cold weather. Asphalt shingles should be used only if there is an adequate insulation barrier separating the roof from the main area of the house. Many house models also come with slanted roofs, ensuring that water drains away during rainy days.

Owners should avoid building or buying houses with barn-type or peak-style roofs, as these would attract hornets, wasps and other insects and prevent heat retention. Another option is wind walls, which can be inserted into the dog house to break the wind and keep the house warmer. The house should also be a reasonable distance off the ground to keep it dry. For owners with bigger budgets, some house manufacturers offer provisions for heaters and air-conditioners. These climate control systems help ensure comfort for the dog regardless of weather conditions.

The front door of the dog house should be located to one side instead of in the middle. This will prevent the dog from being directly exposed to extreme weather conditions and other harsh environmental elements. Some models are designed with removable doors, or with no doors at all. Using a door will help keep the dog house warmer during cold months. An awning type cover can also be used over the opening for added shade and protection.

TIP: For legless houses, the owner must remember that having it directly on the ground increases the likelihood that the pet would be exposed to cold and wet weather. This also raises the possibility of infestation from flea eggs that hatch in the soil. The owner can use bricks, rocks or stones arranged in a level and stable manner to elevate the house. The elevation will allow air to flow beneath the house and prevent moisture from forming at the bottom.

Plastic and metal houses are not a good idea, as they are either too hot during summertime or too cold during the winter. Some market experts say that houses made from natural western red cedar wood offer the best insulation for dogs during winter while making them cooler during summer. Red cedar wood oils are also natural repellents of ticks, fleas and termites. Houses made from this material are also maintenance-free on the outside, although owners have a choice of finishing it to complement their property.

Our love of dogs prompted us to build something special in Apple Valley. Our large indoor/outdoor interactive play area will keep your dog and their new friends busy all day making them more social pets!

Browse gun dog doors for small, medium, and large breeds below! Our premium dog doors are designed to be weather proof and built to last. Contact us with any questions about our dog flap doors. Contact us with any questions about our dog flap doors. Premium pet doors come in many sizes and materials to suit a range of needs. Our small dog doors are just as easy to use as our dog doors for big dogs. For information on how to install our doggie doors for large dogs, medium dogs and small dogs, check out our installation instructions page.

This dog house-shaped crate is 48 inches, making it ideal for large dogs like Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers and Huskies. It comes with an anti-escape lock and wheels that make it easier to move around the house. Its 4.5-star rating is a strong endorsement from hundreds of pup parents.

Over the past four years, since the Chihuahuas first came to town, the Big Dog House has become as iconic as any building in all of El Paso. Towering out in right field, it serves as the segue between the field below and the El Paso skyline behind. Whether it's your first stop upon entering the park before finding your seats or where you meet up with friends as your last stop before heading downtown after a game, no trip to Southwest University Park seems complete without visiting at least one of the levels the Big Dog House has to offer.On the ground level, right when entering the ballpark from the Santa Fe side of the stadium, you'll find one of two team stores located within the park. The Santa Fe Team Shop is a great place to pick up some fresh Chihuahuas gear and check out what new apparel is in stock this season. Whether you're looking for a San Diego Padres hat, a Pacific Coast League Champions shirt or just some cool new Chihuahuas gear, the Santa Fe store has you covered.Above the Santa Fe shop on the second level of the Big Dog House is the City Hall Grill. For those of you who didn't know, the name of this fine establishment is a nod to El Paso's old City Hall which, prior to the construction of the ballpark, stood near where the Big Dog House is now located. Just as the old City Hall stood as an emblem of El Paso for many years, the Big Dog House is now emblematic of the city in its own right. Any individual with a reserved seat has access to the City Hall Grill - a full service restaurant and bar. It's a great place to catch part of the game from some of the ballpark's best seats, to come try the new specials that are added to the menu every home stand, and to soak up some of El Paso's history.On the third floor of the Big Dog House, above the City Hall Grill, sits the Sun Kings Saloon. The Sun Kings Saloon is also full of rich history, with a unique design giving guests a look into El Paso's baseball past. Although the Chihuahuas have only been in town for a couple of seasons now, baseball is nothing new to El Paso. The Sun Kings played baseball here throughout the 60s and the Diablos played ball at the Dudley Dome here in the 70s and 80s and then at Cohen Stadium in the 90s and 2000s. El Paso has a long and proud tradition of celebrating the national pastime, and the Sun Kings Saloon fervently upholds that tradition every game night. Aside from offering a rich tapestry of El Paso's baseball history with various photos and memorabilia, the Sun Kings Saloon includes a full service restaurant and bar, and is open to individual ticket buyers if it has not been sold as a hospitality area for the night.The very top floor of the Big Dog House is none other than the Wooftop Deck, an open-air patio offering some of the best views in the entire ballpark. Edison string lighting gives the patio a homey feel, and the large hospitality area is big enough to accommodate a private bar and personalized buffet. The proverbial penthouse of Southwest University Park, it's the perfect spot to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, company parties, and everything in between, all while taking in breathtaking views of the ballpark and the surrounding landscape.Southwest University Park is undeniably one of the best ballparks that Minor League Baseball has to offer, and the Big Dog House is an integral characteristic in making this ballpark as unique and special as it is. A cornerstone of the park, the Big Dog House celebrates the city of El Paso and its storied history while simultaneously standing as a monument to all the baseball teams that have played here over the years. It blends the past with the present, just as it serves to blend the ballpark seamlessly with the surrounding downtown community. If you haven't yet visited any or all levels of the Big Dog House, we highly encourage you to do so on your next visit to the park. If you've already visited the Big Dog House, we look forward to welcoming you back again soon.

BAG SEARCHAll guest bags are subject to search upon entry. Southwest University Park has adopted a Clear Bag or No Bag policy. It is strongly recommended that all guests consider no bags or clear bags to assist with the health and safety of all patrons and staff. Approved standard (non-clear bags) are limited to small clutch purses or similar, and must be smaller than 6.5 x 4.5. All other types must be clear, and may be no larger than 12 x 6 x 12. More information on the CLEAR BAG/NO BAG POLICY can be found by CLICKING HERE.

CLEAR BAG/NO BAG POLICYSouthwest University Park has adopted a Clear Bag or No Bag policy. It is strongly recommended that all guests consider no bags or clear bags to assist with the health and safety of all patrons and staff. Approved standard (non-clear bags) are limited to small clutch purses or similar and must be smaller than 6.5 x 4.5. All other types must be clear and may be no larger than 12 x 6 x 12. CLICK HERE for more information.

CLUBHOUSE ACCESSEntry to either clubhouse is reserved exclusively to those with the appropriate credentials. This rule applies to any children, friends of players, spouses, agents, or representatives of players. 041b061a72


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