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If your vehicle is eligible to receive a comparable emissions test in one of the approved jurisdictions, you may apply for a one-time extension equivalent to the two (2) year compliance your vehicle would receive in Connecticut.

Dmv Ct Emissions Locations

For further eligibility information, please be sure to check with the applicable jurisdiction before attempting an emissions test. If you are unclear on what type of test your vehicle requires or whether the reciprocal test applies to your situation, please call the CT Emissions Program hotline at 877-469-2884 for further assistance.

The emissions test fee is $20, payable to the test center. All test centers accept cash as a form of payment; some may accept checks or credit cards but are not required do so. Please call the test center to confirm. Test Centers that accept cash only must display a 'Cash Only' sign in an appropriate location visible to you.

DMV's policy, in accordance with Connecticut Law (C.G.S. 14-164c), is to assign emissions-eligible vehicles a biennial recurring due date. When a vehicle passes its required biennial inspection, providing it was tested by its scheduled due date, its next scheduled emissions due date will be two years from its previous due date.

Unfortunately, a number of vehicles are late for their scheduled emissions inspection dates. Vehicles that are tested more than 30 days past their initial due date, or more than 60 days past their retest due date, will be assigned a future test date which reflects either the balance of every two year test cycle or a minimum of one year, whichever is greater.

Connecticut general statutes require all vehicles operated on public roads to have a valid and current registration. If your registration is expired, or you do not have marker plates on your vehicle, you may visit your local DMV branch office and obtain a temporary registration. Alternatively, if you do not obtain a temporary registration, you may have your vehicle towed to an emissions test center, to have it tested.

The Connecticut Emissions Program no longer uses "permanently" affixed windshield stickers for emissions compliance. Compliance is now directly tied in with your vehicle's registration; if your vehicle is not emissions compliant, your registration or registration renewal will be denied.For your convenience, the Connecticut Emissions Program does now offer you an optional reminder sticker for next inspection date to affix to the interior of your driver's side windshield. This reminder sticker is a static cling sticker, similar to your oil change sticker, provided if you want it, which you can easily remove at any time.Please Note, that the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) no longer uses windshield stickers for registrations.Back to Top

You may always have your vehicle repaired at a facility of your choice, or you may make the repairs yourself. However, the State of Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) highly recommends that you have the repairs performed at a Certified Emissions Repair Facility (CERF). CERFs must employ a Certified Emissions Repair Technician (CERT), who is a professional automotive technician who has successfully passed a State of Connecticut required training program, devoted specifically to the repair of emissions problems. Only repairs performed at a CERF are eligible to be applied towards a cost waiver. List of current test center closures.

The on-board diagnostic test verifies emissions while vehicle is operating, since most 1996 model year cars and newer have electronic sensors of engines and emissions control system. If your check engine light stays on while car is tested, the vehicle will automatically fail. You could have a problem with the engine, transmission or emissions control. Thanks to a communication cable from testing equipment to your vehicles, the info is retrieved so nothing is installed to perform the OBD test.

A pre-conditioned two-speed idle test (PCTSI)This Connecticut emissions test is for 2007 vehicles and older with gross weight between 8,501-10,000 pounds. The pre-conditioned two-speed idle test measures tailpipe emissions (hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide) at both cruise and idle speed.

The DMV was notified Tuesday by the state's vehicle inspection vendor, Applus Technologies, that it was experiencing a system outage and could not perform emissions testing. It is a nationwide outage and the vendor is working to resolve it, the DMV said on its website.

What can I do to pass the damned State of Connecticut Emissions test? My car has been well maintained, and has always passed these tests previously, with no problems. It is running fine, and has no apparent operational problems. I have taken my car (1999 Saturn SW2 wagon) in to be tested 7 times (Midas Muffler in Canton, CT), and failed every time! The first time, I was told that the computer had to be reset. I went to the repair outlet that I normally use, and after inspecting the failed test report; I was told that I should just drive the car some more, preferably with some of that driving at highway speeds. I did that and failed the test again. I was told at the testing site (Midas Muffler) that I needed to drive the car some more and try again. I did that and failed again. I repeated the same routine, and received the same subsequent test failure several more times. Midas Muffler kept telling me that ?the car wasn?t ready?, and that the computer had not ?reset? yet. (The car has been driven over 700 miles since the first test failure to the most recent.) Midas Muffler then provided me with the State of CT ?OBD II Dive Cycle? test that I religiously performed, and then went for another Emissions test, that resulted in yet another failure! Midas Muffler then gave me a phone number to call at the State of Connecticut DMV to seek help. I did that and the person I spoke to, asked what type car it was, and after being told; he said that I might want to change the thermostat, and have the car retested. This seemed pretty silly to me as the existing thermostat seemed to be working fine, but for lack of anything better to try; the thermostat was replaced with a new (high temperature) unit. Went for another emissions test and failed again! This has truly become a nightmare! Can anyone offer any help that might result in my car being able to pass this idiotic emissions test? Thanks, Bob Wallace

Through the Connecticut emissions testing program, drivers must complete a smog check at a participating testing center facility to reduce excessive air pollution and ensure that vehicles are safe on the environment before renewing registration. As part of the state vehicle testing program, the CT Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) works with Applus Technologies to identify high-emitting vehicles in need of repairs.

After failing an inspection, car owners must perform all necessary repairs before having the vehicle retested. Unless exempt from smog testing, residents must bring their vehicles to a testing center for an inspection once every 2 years. To learn more about vehicle inspections and to find nearby emissions testing locations, review the sections below.

As a reminder, the DMV mails drivers a testing notification at least 45 days before the inspection is due. To avoid late fees, vehicle owners must keep their address current with the DMV. Additionally, drivers may take their vehicle to an emissions testing center up to 90 days in advance.

All vehicles must undergo emissions testing in CT every 2 years, unless the model year of a vehicle is between 2014 and 2017, or if the vehicle was manufactured before 1992. Additionally, the following vehicles are exempt from auto emissions testing:

To avoid late fees for car emission tests, out-of-state college students or military personnel may request a time extension if they cannot complete an inspection before the test due date or 30 days thereafter. To obtain a DMV emissions testing extension while out-of-state, CT residents must submit the following information:

Drivers may complete a vehicle emission test when out-of-state if the state they are currently in has established reciprocity with Connecticut and meets state emissions standards. To perform DMV smog testing while out-of-state, CT residents must submit an official Vehicle Inspection Report to the DMV, along with evidence of state compliance. However, the reciprocal test can only be used as an extension and a driver may only use the extension one time unless the vehicle owner is a college student or holds military status.

Three different smog testing waivers are available for qualifying vehicle owners. These waivers include a cost waiver, economic hardship waiver and functional diagnostic waiver. Vehicle owners may obtain a cost waiver for auto emissions testing if they meet the minimum emissions-related repair expense of $874.06 and if a Certified Emissions Repair Technician (CERT) performs the repairs.

Drivers may visit emissions testing locations between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, or between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Saturdays. Vehicle owners may schedule inspections in advance or they may visit a facility without scheduling an appointment.

Note: Before you visit a safety and emissions testing center, you must contact the facility if you drive an oversized vehicle. Not all testing facilities can accommodate larger vehicles.

If a vehicle fails a smog check, car owners must perform all necessary repairs before retesting the vehicle within 60 calendar days. Car owners may visit any CT emissions testing center to retest their vehicles at no additional charge. Drivers receive one free re-examination per test cycle. If a vehicle fails its smog inspection for the second time, the automobile may qualify for a cost waiver.

Note: If you fail your car emission test, you may make all necessary repairs at any repair facility or on your own. However, a Certified Emissions Repair Facility (CERF) employs CERTs who receive extensive training in performing emissions-related repairs. 041b061a72


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