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Ink Master - Season 2

The second season of the tattoo reality competition Ink Master premiered on Spike on October 9 and concluded December 18, 2012 with a total of 13 episodes. The show is hosted and judged by Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro, with accomplished tattoo artists Chris Núñez and Oliver Peck serving as series regular judges. The winner received a $100,000 cash prize, a feature in Inked Magazine and the title of Ink Master.

Ink Master - Season 2

The battle for Master Shop on Ink Master is underway. The ninth season of the Spike reality competition series kicked off with nine teams competing for the $200,000 grand prize. Babiery Hernandez and Jhon Campuzano of Thicker Than Blood were the first team sent packing, but episode two delivered a twist that the remaining contestants didn't know about: When one team is eliminated, another will join the competition. And that's not all. The new teams joining will all feature an Ink Master alum. Cue the dramatic music.

That's right, no one remembers Bubba. So, here's a brief refresher: Bubba owns Old Town Ink in Scottsdale, Arizona. He competed on season four and was knocked out in episode six for having poorly executed designs.

Like the flash challenge, the elimination tattoo is also being judged on fundamentals. In order to see if Bubba has overcome his weaknesses from season four, Dave Navarro reveals that the artists must do an illustrative line work tattoo. They can only use the line needle and they can't do any shading or use color. The good news is that Bubba's team has the advantage of assigning the human canvases thanks to the flash challenge win.

"Ink Master" is a competition show on Spike that pits tattoo artists against one another in different challenges involving human canvasses (in other words, people who sign an exhausting amount of paperwork in order to get tattooed on television.) The artists are whittled down week by week, until only the final three remain. This season, the artists were split draft-style into two teams: Team Peck and Team Nuñez -- named for Chris Nuñez and Oliver Peck, the show's judges and famed tattooers.

For seven seasons of the reality show, no woman had ever won the title of Ink Master. Only one other woman -- Sarah Miller in Season 2 -- even made it to the finale, making Ashley's win in Season 8 all the more sweet. Here's the winning tattoo she inked (which, by the way, she completed in 24 hours):

"We want the best artist to win," Ashley said before the finale. "We don't want the easy road, we don't want anything to be handed to us just because we're girls. All of us, collectively, had the same hope that it would finally be a girl this season."

The judges generally eliminate one contestant per episode, leading up to three competitors battling it out in the finale. The challenges change each season, but most are timed exercises in specific tattoo skills, such as creating a geometric design, tattooing on an eyelid or shading a tattoo that covers a scar. 041b061a72


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