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Composed in the key signature of B major, the track contains a tempo of 103 beats per minute and has a runtime of 3:31.[7] Stylistically, "Whistle" has been described as a hip-hop number with a dreamy rhythm and a mature feel,[8] integrating whistle hooks over a minimal drum 'n' bass melody.[9] Beginning with the gentle whisper, "Hey boy," the song transitions into a hip-hop beat which integrates instrumentations of snaps accompanied with the predominant whistling melody. Just prior to the chorus, the melody shifts into an increase of percussion and guitar, as well as clapping instrumentations. The chorus then employs the same hook from the beginning of the track with the exchange between the primary whistle sounds and snaps. Following the secondary chorus, the track transitions into the bridge where it is followed by a remix of the chorus. Lyrically, the song revolves around the themes of affection and romance. The instrumentations of whistling alludes to the sounds of the racing heart as well as the member's wanting their love interests to call out to her.




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