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[S7E7] Snatch Game

I mean, it just felt like someone had run and kicked me straight in the balls, you know? It's heartbreaking. You know, you put everything into every challenge each week, you win some challenges, and you think to yourself, Oh my goodness, here we go. It's the final challenge. And then, all of a sudden, there's that twist: The winners get three stars each. So you kind of think, Well, this is it. If I don't win this, it's game over. So yeah, it was heartbreaking. What more can you say?

[S7E7] Snatch Game

I love the friendly rivalry that seemed to build up between you and Jinkx Monsoon over the course of the season. How did that start and how did that impact your gameplay?

The snatch game is arguably the most hyped episode of every season, with higher and higher expectations being placed on every new season due to its magnitude of popularity, with the seventh season, fortunately, holding up as one of the series' best. Redditor mashtartz described the episode as great, saying that "pretty much everyone was at least decent except for Miss Fame. Ginger, Kennedy, Katya, and breakthrough star Pearl were amazing."

If you're a fan of post-apocalyptic worlds set in a dystopian reality, you've likely already heard of HBO's latest hyped-up show, 'The Last of Us'. First released in 2013, The Last of Us narrative-based game franchise has gained popularity amongst gamers worldwide. The gameplay focuses on a teenage protagonist Ellie on her quest to find a resistance group- 'The Fireflies' during a time when a percentage of the human population is affected by a parasitic infection. Another central part of the game is the development of the father-daughter-like relationship between Ellie and her counterpart Joel. Joel is tasked with smuggling Ellie across the United States despite the deathly threats they face from the infected. The gritty and well-thought narrative of the game brings a human touch to the harsh realities of a mass post-apocalyptic pandemic. It's no wonder gamers have been excitedly awaiting the development of the beloved franchise into a television series! But is the TV series matching up to the standards that lovers of the game expect? 041b061a72


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