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Des Subtitles English S01E02

One aspect of the new Star Wars show Andor might have you puzzled: where are the Kenari subtitles? In flashbacks scattered across the first three episodes, we see Cassian's childhood on his home planet of Kenari. English (or, in Star Wars lingo, Basic) isn't spoken on Kenari, but there are no subtitles to explain what characters are saying. Not even turning the subtitles feature on in Disney Plus will reveal what the Kenari words mean.

Des subtitles English S01E02

The choice not to include subtitles in the flashbacks is an intentional one, then, but it's not clear at the moment why that decision has been made. The easiest explanation is that it's all part of showing just how different Kenari's culture is to Ferrix, the planet Cassian lives on as an adult. It's obvious that being taken from Kenari as a child would have been quite the culture shock for the young boy. Plus, the storyline running through the flashbacks is easy to follow without understanding exactly what the kids are saying to each other. 041b061a72


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