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A bolt cutter, sometimes called bolt cropper, is a tool used for cutting bolts, chains, padlocks, rebar and wire mesh. It typically has long handles and short blades, with compound hinges to maximize leverage and cutting force. A typical bolt cutter yields 20 kilonewtons (4,500 lbf) of cutting force for a 250 newtons (56 lbf) force on the handles.

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There are different types of cutting blades for bolt cutters, including angle cut, center cut, shear cut, and clipper cut blades. Bolt cutters are usually available in 12, 14, 18, 24, 30, 36 and 42 inches (30.5, 35.6, 46, 61, 76, 91.4 and 107 cm) in length. The length is measured from the tip of the jaw to the end of the handle.

Bolt cutters with fiberglass handles can be used for cutting live electrical wires and are useful during rescue operations. The fiberglass handles have another advantage of being lighter in weight than the conventional drop forged or solid pipe handles, making it easier to carry to the place of operation.

The tools became iconic at the Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp, where protestors used bolt cutters to remove fencing around the RAF airbase. A Greenham banner displaying bolt cutters, together with a hanging of Greenham fence wire, was displayed at the Pine Gap Women's Peace Camp in Australia.[1]

Mini bolt cutters are simple handheld tools that help DIY homeowners cut through wires, bolts, and other materials. In this review, the This Old House Reviews team outlines the five best mini bolt cutters on Amazon and our experience using each product during our in-depth testing process.

Bolt cutters are offered in a variety of sizes that cater to different needs and the material they need to cut. Mini bolt cutters, which are typically around eight inches in length, are compact tools that are used to snap bolts, chains, and wires up to 3/16 inches in diameter.

To help you find the right pair of mini bolt cutters, the This Old House Reviews team tested five of the best mini bolt cutters on Amazon and scored their effectiveness based on a series of rigorous tests. Here are our top picks and our thoughts on how each pair performed during testing.

This product from Capri Tools was the top performer in our series of tests. On average, it demanded the least amount of force and cut through each material with ease. Even when tested on thicker materials, like the 3/16-inch toggle bolt and 0.063-inch piano wire, its ergonomic grip padded the additional force that was required to cut through the materials.

This mini bolt cutter produced quality cuts on thicker items like the 0.031- and 0.063-inch piano wire. However, its cut quality saw a decrease when tested on the thinner wire, which could potentially signal a lack of blade sharpness.

This mini bolt cutter from TEKTON is built with powerful alloy steel jaws that can cut bolts, chains, rods, and wires up to 3/16 inches in diameter. To control its powerful jaws, the bolt cutter is outfitted with ribbed handles for additional grip. This product also includes an easy-to-use locking mechanism that keeps its tubular steel handles shut.

This mini bolt cutter was an average performer in required force and overall grip. However, what set this product apart from the rest was its cut cleanliness, as this model delivered polished cuts to various-sized strips of piano wire. Although its performance dipped while cutting the thickest and third-thickest piano wire, this mini bolt cutter still had the second-highest average quality of cuts across all tested materials, falling behind the top-rated Capri Tools Eight-Inch Klinge Mini Bolt Cutter.

This KNIPEX mini bolt cutter is built with steel jaws that are strong enough to cut any wire with a diameter of up to inches. To help users control its strong steel frame, this product has plastic-coated handles that are easy to grip. Additionally, the mini bolt cutter comes with unique gripping jaws that can help you pull small nails and wires while you work.

This mini bolt cutter from GreatNeck is built with thin vinyl grips that are ribbed for added control. Along with its easy-to-grip handle, this product features a 3/16-inch capacity for cutting wires, chain links, and small bolts. Additionally, this product is offered in sizes up to 36 inches, giving you the option of choosing long bolt cutters for heavy-duty projects.

Although the GreatNeck bolt cutter is our lowest-rated product, this tool tied for second with the TEKTON and ARES bolt cutters for the least amount of force needed to cut through the tested materials. Despite its hard grip that caused discomfort during use, its ribbed construction increased overall control during each test.

While this bolt cutter cut through each of the tested materials, it placed or tied for last in quality of delivered cuts for each tested piano wire. Additionally, its small mouth made it difficult to grip each material during our testing process.

Cutting through metal using a bolt cutter requires a significant amount of grip strength and effort. To help ease the strain on your hands, an ergonomic handle is a necessity for a mini bolt cutter. A quality cutter will incorporate a comfortable, yet practical design that minimizes effort and eases strain. Additionally, the handle of a mini bolt cutter should have non-slip properties to prevent injury.

A mini bolt cutter needs to have an ergonomic and comfortable grip to generate the force required to break bolts, wires, and other materials. A mini bolt cutter with a non-slip and easy-to-grip handle will make it easier to generate force and use over long periods.

The performance of a mini bolt cutter is determined by the width of the material it can cut and how clean of a cut it delivers. For example, an effective model will not just cut through 3/32-inch piano wire, but it will do so without leaving behind frayed cords or half-cut wire.

We tested the effectiveness of each mini bolt cutter against a -inch hex bolt, 3/16-inch anchor bolt, and 0.016-, 0.020-, 0.031-, and 0.063-inch piano wire. We cut each material with every mini bolt cutter five times for a total of 30 tests per mini bolt cutter. During our testing, we noted how much force was required to make each cut.

Note: No bolt cutter had a clear advantage over another in its quality of cut for the 3/16-inch toggle bolt. This led to each bolt cutter receiving full points for the quality of cut for the 3/16-inch toggle bolt testing.

The mini bolt cutter with handles that slipped the least during testing received all 2.5 possible points, while the second-best received a 0.2-point deduction, the third-best received a 0.4-point deduction, and so on. If two bolt cutters performed the same, they received the same score.

The mini bolt cutter that had the most comfortable grip during testing received all 2.5 possible points, while the second-best received a 0.2-point deduction, the third-best received a 0.4-point deduction, and so on. If two bolt cutters had handles with equal comfort, they received the same score.

The bolt cutter that was able to cut through the tested materials and deliver the cleanest cut received all 5 possible points, while the second-best received a 0.5-point deduction, the third-best received a 1-point deduction, and so on. If two mini bolt cutters performed equally, they received the same score.

When determining what size bolt cutters you need to cut through a padlock, the jaw capacity of the tool is more important than its length. Most padlocks have a diameter between 3/16 and 7/16 inches, which means a bolt cutter needs to have at least an equal jaw capacity to cut through the material. The maximum diameter that most eight-inch mini bolt cutters can puncture is 3/16 inches, so a larger bolt cutter with more jaw capacity will be needed to cut most padlocks.

Bolt cutters are the common tool of choice for to cut padlocks during forcible-entry. Unfortunately, most padlocks are made of case-hardened steel, which is very strong in comparison to the materials that bolt cutters were intended to cut.

You will find that most of the time, a set of bolt cutters will make the cut, using a big effort, but the damage to the tool after continual use will render it ineffective over time. Take a look at the bolt cutters on your apparatus and notice the large elongated nicks taken out of the cutting edges. Not only can you damage your bolt cutters by cutting padlocks, but you can hinder processes on the fireground.

Bolt cutters are great for cutting fencing, light to medium gauge chain, and other soft metals. When you have the option to cut the chain or padlock used in such a combination, cut the link of chain closest to the padlock using the bolt cutters. This enables the property owner to later use his key to unlock the undamaged padlock and pull the slack from the chain to secure the lock to the next available link.

The Capri Tools Klinge Mini Bolt Cutter takes everything great about our excellent bolt cutters and makes it portable. You can carry this 8 inch bolt cutter around in your pocket and easily cut through wires, threaded rods, bolts, chains, and more. The double heat treated CrMo blades cut through tough materials with a vengeance. It is specifically designed to give you high leverage and to give you more force with less effort. The soft grip handles are also very comfortable and secure to give you an ergonomic experience when you use them.

It happens to most of us at an early age: the realization that life will not follow a straight line on the path towards fulfillment. Instead, life spirals. The game is rigged, power corrupts, and society is, in a word, bullshit. Art can expose the lies. The early music of Fiona Apple was so much about grand betrayals by inadequate men and the patriarchal world. Did it teach you to hate yourself? Did it teach you to bury your pain, to let it calcify, to build a gate around your heart that quiets the reaches of your one and only voice? Fetch the bolt cutters.

If you want real protection, use a coupler lock that presents thieves with a real challenge. Just insert the ball into the coupler and slide on the U-bracket. Unless there is time to unbolt the entire coupler and install a new one, you will stop most thieves. 041b061a72


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