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Ruben Korolev
Ruben Korolev

[S1E17] The Break-Up [UPDATED]

None of these are movies I would want to watch post break-up, but I appreciate Lorelai's strategy. If my boyfriend broke up with me and I wanted to wallow in devastating sadness, I would probably just watch "The Before Trilogy" and call it a day. Or maybe "Amélie" and "When Harry Met Sally."

[S1E17] The Break-Up

Rory is devastated by her break-up with Dean, but does not want to share the details with Lorelai. She also refuses to wallow, resorting to keep too busy to even think about Dean. The town quickly gets wind of the news, as per usual, and Luke reacts by banning Dean from the diner, nearly coming to blows with the boy, which Lorelai stops. Rory still cannot stop the memories from flooding in and puts anything that reminds her of Dean in a box for Lorelai to toss, which Lorelai secretly stores in the closet. 041b061a72


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