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Dragon Ball Super Episode 131

The final episode of "Dragon Ball Super" will feature the all-powerful mystical dragon, Super Shernon, who will grant the wish of whoever will be declared the winner of the Tournament of Power. According to the latest spoilers, however, the fans might be disappointed as Goku might not be the one to make that one special wish in episde 131.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131

As reported by Comic Book, the viewers will see Super Shenron once again in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 131. This could be a nice way to wrap up the series, especially that most story arcs in the anime also involved the mystical dragon. This time around, Super Shernon will hear the wishes of the Tournament of Power winner. Unfortunately for Goku's supporters, the Saiyan warrior has yet to secure his position as the tournament's champion.

Fans of the anime series will be happy to know that Dragon Ball Super episode 130 and 131's titles have been leaked. However, the bad part is that the Toei Animation-produced globally popular series is finally coming to an end on Sunday, March 25. 041b061a72


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