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WOWOW! Such a stunning 9ct yellow gold ring, set with the most amazing SI graded Ratanakiri blue zircon, mined from Mother Earth in Cambodia and over the magic 1 carat mark at a weight of 1.32 carats and measuring 7mm x 5mm so not a small gemstone! Such an amazing shade of blue to this gemstone with a beautiful glow. To add that touch more luxury, the zircon is adorned with a halo of genuine sparkling diamonds, just beautiful! Blue zircon is not to be confused with the man made cubic zirconia, zircon is a natural gemstone, one of the oldest known to Mankind with the brilliance of a diamond. This zircon has received some heat treatment to enhance its colour but that is all, this is a completely acceptable practice throughout the gemstone industry. Please be assured, the ring you see in our photos is the ring that will be delivered to you. The gold has been independently hallmarked by the Birmingham Assay office in the UK. We are sure that whoever decides to buy this ring will be thrilled with their purchase.


This beautiful heated Montana sapphire is a unique combination of two colors, yellow and orange. The colors are in zones, creating a bicolored effect. The color was developed by heating the gem in Montana, but no other treatments were made to the gem. The treatment is permanent and stable and not only develops the color, but also improves the clarity. This sapphire has inclusions that are visible with the unaided eye. The inclusions have been factored into the price, making this a great value for the size and color.

A classic set of round brilliant-cut Diamond stud earrings in 14K white gold. These earrings feature two prong-set round brilliant-cut Diamonds weighing 1.40 Carats total (G-H Color / SI Clarity). Designed with posts and large friction backs for a secure fit. Handmade by Marshall Pierce in Chicago.

Celeste took the time to get to know our story, educate me about stones, and work with me through the selection process. We ended up with such a beautiful ring! When I have met other experts like Derrick, Saul, or Ken, they have been warm, personable and professional. I cannot recommend Marhsall Pierce enough!

Not only are their pieces stunning and amazing quality, but their sales team is so helpful. They spent so much time educating my fiance on diamonds and gave him an honest opinion about what would be beautiful and worth the price (and it made me very happy too!). Thanks MP team!

Evan was extremely helpful, thoughtful, and knowledgeable as I navigated one of the larger purchase decisions I've ever made. We ended up going with a tasteful and beautiful set of rings for the big day. Thank you Evan & team for a great experience!

N.B.: the more post-length you put in the ground, the more solid your fence will be!If you place the upper rail of the fence at 1.20m, 1.30m or 1.40m, the posts will disappear into the ground by 90cm, 80cm or 70cm respectively.

Every aspect of GNOME 44 has been crafted to fit together as a harmonious whole, providing a consistent and integrated experience. Our attention to detail means a smooth and polished product that lets you do the things you want without getting in the way. GNOME 44 is satisfying to use and beautiful to behold.

As usual, when the sun heads for the hills, the Sónar festivities move over to the Fira Gran Via venue, which on its first Sónar by Night date boasts names like Richie Hawtin (3.45am), who we'll once again marvel at during another of his advanced sets with high-level technology; Swedish electronic pop diva Robyn (10.30pm), who has joined forces and talents with Norwegian duo Röyksopp on a joint album, 'Do It Again' (2014), which they'll be debuting together at the festival. Norwegian Terje Olsen, better known as Todd Terje (2.55am), hugely popular in the world of Scandinavian space disco, will present his acclaimed 'It's Album Time'; the always infallible Caribou (1.40am) and their mix of broken beats, electronic psychedelia, folk and krautrock; and eclectic British musician and producer Four Tet (4.15am), who will DJ on Saturday, but on Friday performs live with tracks from 'Beautiful Rewind' (2013), a tribute album to the culture of British pirate radio, establishing connections between jungle, garage and house.

The primary purpose of this certification course is to help a person master the skills required for concepts such as Web diverting, WAIT, Autofit, mobile testing, etc. Since these automation tools are primarily used by enterprises worldwide, there is a considerable demand for these professionals. Some of the significant companies hiring Selenium developers in Boston are Standard Chartered, MAERSK, ORACLE, etc.

The city of Boston ranks high on livability standards and is the perfect blend of intellect, innovations, and technology. This beautiful and welcoming town is loved by not just the locals but also by those visiting. Some of the best places to visit in Boston are: 041b061a72


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