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Working For Sitel At Home Reviews LINK

Do you love spending lots of time yapping on the phone? Did you know you can actually make money at home doing it? Well, apparently there are numerous call center work from home opportunities out there. Companies like Sitel will pay you to answer customer service calls from many companies in industries such as financial services, retail, healthcare, hospitality, and telecommunications. Chances are, you may have even read the other Sitel WorkSitel Work At home reviews to learn the real truth regarding its work from home jobs. Well, if you want to know the real deal, including the complaints against Sitel, you're going to want to read this review.

working for sitel at home reviews is an outsourcing provider company offering call center services to businesses. As a result, they also have plenty of call center work at home jobs on a full time or part-time basis. The Site corporation is part of the Acticall Sitel Group, which has generated revenues of approximately $1.7 billion. The company employs more than 75,000 people in 22 countries.

You will need to have a desktop or a laptop computer with a current Windows 7 or above operating system, anti-virus software, and Internet. All peripheral accessories, such as your keyboard, mouse, and headset, must not be wireless. You will also need a separate 19-inch monitor with 1280 x 1024 minimum resolution. It is recommended that you use the approved Plantronics Blackwire Corded USB Headset. You will be given software to download to your computer once you are given an assignment. If you don't have this equipment, you may want to look for alternative ways to make money working from home. I highly suggest you check out my Best Work At Home Recommendation.

You're an Employee: In most cases, if you're working with a company that offers work at home you're an independent contractor. So that means you have to deal with your own taxes. But with Sitel, you don't have that headache because you're an employee.

At first glance, this company sounds like a unicorn because it's rare to find work at home companies that offer full benefits and paid training. But don't fall for the okie dok. There are some complaints against Sitel that may turn you off to this job.

Quiet on the Set: This work is not for those with screaming kids or yapping puppies. Your environment must be as quiet as possible. You will be answering calls coming in for major companies and it will appear unprofessional if there's a lot going on in the background. If you have a hectic home life, you may want to consider my Best Work At Home Recommendation instead.

Potential High Equipment Costs: If you don't own the computer equipment required by the company, you will have to purchase it all in order to start. This can be quite expensive. Chances are you already have a computer or laptop, but your accessories may not be wired. You may not have the additional monitor or headset either. Expect to have some costs up front when working with this company.

Sitel is a legitimate company offering work for home call center jobs on a full and part-time basis. These call center jobs include paid training and full benefits. Employees receive an hourly wage and receive payments on a biweekly basis. You will need to have a quiet environment and specific equipment for this work. The company is also strict with its work schedules. If you miss a day of training, you will be dropped from your assigned project.

If you prefer work at home jobs that don't have work schedules you may want to consider other FREE to join companies like,, and which will pay you to do simple tasks like downloading apps or watching tv and so much more. In addition to that survey companies like will not drop you if miss out on surveys. Amazing options, right?

Overall, Sitel appears to be a good business opportunity to add to your multiple streams of income. But if you have a noisy home life or answering phones doesn't thrill you, you may want to check out my Best Work At Home Recommendation and my Work At Home Courses. After reading many other Sitel reviews as well as this one online, you should have a better understanding of how the company works and what it has to offer. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with the company. Feel free to post your comments below. And if you enjoyed this review, please free to check out my other work at home reviews as well.

Since I have worked multiple jobs in several industries, I decided to move to the online spectrum. Working for a call center from home had never even crossed my mind until now. I had no idea that was something that could be done at home, I only thought it was a job where you had to go to a building full of others doing the same thing.

Your review was very helpful, and has given me insight on why I would like to stay within wealthy affiliate, and work on my own website, opposed to working for someone else.Hope all of your endeavors are going well!Best of luck,Chris

Although the company sounds strict in regards to their scheduling and ensuring you go through the entire training, I think that is true for most companies. This sounds like a great work from home position. Thanks for sharing your insight!

Hi! Before I start, I would like to thank you for taking the time to check my Sitel Work From Home Review. There are a lot of call centers or should I say BPO or Business Process Outsourcing company all over the world now. For sure, one of the reasons why you are checking on this review is you are one of those people who love providing superb customer service experience to a customer or you have heard about the work-from-home opportunity given by Sitel. Actually, there are a lot who offers this kind of opportunity but I guess Sitel is one of the well-known company who has legit work to offer.

If you already work on a BPO company, you will have the idea of how Sitel works because it is just the same even if they are also offering a work-from-home opportunity. Basically, Sitel does have clients or well-known companies that are in different industries in the business. As a call center agent of Sitel, it is your job to take inbound calls regarding general inquiries about the products or services, billing inquiry about their personal accounts and there are times that you will be assigned to be their Technical Support Representative where you will assist the customer about technical issues over the phone.

If you are going to ask me if the experience is required in this kind of job, it depends on the company but with Sitel, they are accepting applicants even without any experience working on a BPO company. Regardless of your experience, they will still provide you with quality training in order for them to make sure that you will be ready once you take in phone calls on their production floor.

The application is all going to be online since the post will be for a home-based position. All you need to do is fill up an application on their website or you can also reach them on their Facebook Page by sending them a direct message about your interest to apply. Just make sure to provide them an active email address and phone numbers upon application, because they are going to call you once they got your application to conduct the initial interview and when you passed you will have another interview which is the final one.

Since this is a work-from-home job, you are required to have necessary types of equipment like desktop or laptop as well as a noise-canceling headset. Here are the equipment requirements for Sitel work from home.

I know that it is given that you are required to have equipment ready if you are going to apply for a work from home. However, the equipment that was required by Sitel is too expensive to have and in fact, there are BPO companies who also offer work-from-home and they are proving the equipment as well.

Being an employee of Sitel, you will enjoy having health insurance including dental. Life insurance and paid leaves after you have the training or once you are regularized with them. Not all companies offer this kind of benefits, given that you are going to work from your home.

After all the research that I have for this review for Sitel work from home, I can say that it is a legit work that you can try. Maybe the only thing that makes people think or doubt about their offer is because it requires you to provide your own equipment to use to perform the job. But for me, I can recommend this to everyone especially if you have the equipment needed since they are offering a good salary as well as benefits.

Sitel Group is a privately-held company dedicated to providing outsourced customer experience (CX) services. Now a leader in the outsourcing industry, Sitel employs more than 75,000 professionals across the world who contribute to a company culture of "vision, passion, and purpose." Furthermore, Sitel maintains a people-first culture and operates an established work-from-home program that provides associates with flexible work arrangements. In the past, Sitel has recruited for "full-time, part-time, split-shifts, and nights-and-weekend schedules," and the company provides eligible team members with medical coverage, paid time off, and other benefits, as well as ample career development opportunities. Sitel recognizes that "employee satisfaction is almost always higher" when given the opportunity to work remotely, and the company believes that happy employees translate to "world-class customer experiences" for clients. In the past, the company has posted optional, hybrid, and 100% remote jobs in fields like marketing, event planning, communications, accounting & finance, and internet & ecommerce.


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