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Vsts 2010 Ultimate Trial 12

The Visual Studio 2010 has just been released, but have apparently been cracked or hacked, thanks to the generic master product key that been used by Microsoft to integrate into pre-activated Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, Premium and Professional setup installers in ISO image formats, which is been released to MSDN subscribers, and some editions to WebsiteSpark, BizSpark and DreamSpark participants.The master static activation product key in question is YCFHQ-9DWCY-*****-*****-*****, which apparently can be used to register, unlock, upgrade, activate and convert all three editions of Visual Studio Professional 2010, Visual Studio Premium 2010 and Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 from trial to full version product.

vsts 2010 ultimate trial 12

Download File:

Best of all, Microsoft is providing free official downloads of Visual Studio 2010 trial version, which can be used for free for up to 90 days after registration. The only difference between the trial version and MSDN version (which is identical to ISO been released on *Spark programs) is that the pre-integrated product serial key been removed. As such, the trial version does accept the serial number above to upgrade to full version product. The workaround allows anybody can get free Visual Studio 2010 (which is not the lightweight Visual Studio 2010 Express) from official source without having to rely on warez or torrent sites to download Visual Studio 2010 MSDN ISO images.

MSDN Subscribers can download Visual Studio 2010 later today from MSDN, and non-MSDN subscribers can go here to get a copy of Visual Studio 2010. For those that want to take a test-drive, a 90-day trial version of all Visual Studio 2010 products can be downloaded here. Also, for the hobbyist developer, the free Visual Studio 2010 Express products are now available as well.

I seem to have a really unique problem with my visual studio 2010 installation. Before installing visual studio i installed SQL Server 2012 express and SQL Server Management Studio. After that i installed Visual Studio 2010 ultimate. The installation goes fine but after it is complete i can't find the application launch icons anywhere. the only new programs that are added are Microsoft Test Manager and Microsoft Visual Studio Documentation. Please Help me!

First, if you want it, go download Visual Studio 2010 now. If you're an MSDN Subscriber or WebSiteSpark/BizSpark member, you can download the final release now. If not, you can download a free trial or one of the free Express editions.

If you want to install the free trial versions of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 editions, it is possible to start the setup process by using Visual Studio 2010 installer as a web installer with small download sizes.


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