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[S1E15] One Hundred Days !FULL!

Kirkman has his hands full, that's for sure. I don't understand why someone didn't tell the guy that trying to do all he's proposing in 100 days is almost impossible. At least he didn't make promises he can't keep.

[S1E15] One Hundred Days

Meanwhile, President Kirkman will hope to reset the clock on his first 100 days in office, but a statement from his wife will lead to questions over who is running the White House. And in a show like Designated Survivor, you know there will be some thrills as well, and it looks like Agent Wells may be closer than ever to uncovering the truth behind the Capitol bombing.

The first season of The 100, an American post-apocalyptic science fiction drama television series, contains 13 episodes that premiered on March 19, 2014, on The CW, and concluded on June 11, 2014. It focuses on the 100 Delinquents who, as they become the first humans to return to Earth in almost a hundred years after a devastating nuclear apocalypse, attempt to determine if the planet has become habitable enough to survive. The series also follows those left behind on the Ark, a home built up in space by survivors from all over the world.

Phineas and the cast: There's been 104 days of summer vacation. We've had a lot of fun, and sung a lot of songs. So we think it's time for a big celebration. And it's been a great summer, so we thank you for comin' along!

The first season of Designated Survivor premiered on September 21, 2016 and ended on May 17, 2017 on ABC. Eight days after its premiere, on September 29, 2016, the season was given a full season order of 21 episodes.

Dick York's back pain was a result of an accident during the filming of the Gary Cooper western They Came to Cordura (1959). York described it in a 1991 interview: "It was the last shot of the day and tomorrow we would wrap Cordura. In the scene, Cooper and I were propelling a hand car carrying several wounded men down an abandoned railroad track. As we passed the camera, I was on the bottom stroke of this sort of teeter-totter mechanism that made the handcar run. I was just lifting the handle up as the director yelled 'Cut!' and one of the wounded cast members reached up and grabbed the handle. Now, instead of lifting the expected weight, I was suddenly, jarringly, lifting his entire weight off the flatbed - one hundred eighty pounds or so. The muscles along the right side of my back tore. They just snapped and let loose. And that was the start of it all - the pain, the painkillers, the addiction, the lost career."

This show once held the record for the longest running fantasy genre show at eight years and two hundred fifty-four episodes. This wasn't broken, but tied by Charmed (1998) with eight years, but only one hundred eighty episodes, and Smallville (2001) with ten years and two hundred seventeen episodes did not break the two hundred fifty-four. That barrier was finally broken by Supernatural (2005) about halfway through its twelfth season in 2016, ending with two hundred sixty-six episodes.

The show aired from September 17, 1964 to July 1, 1972 on ABC for two hundred fifty-four episodes: seventy-four in black-and-white (1964 to 1966) and one hundred eighty in color (1966 to 1972). ABC broadcast reruns of this show weekday afternoons from January 1, 1968 to September 1973. Simultaneously, Saturday morning repeats were transmitted over ABC starting in September 1971. Also beginning in September 1971 this series was often shown back to back with I Dream of Jeannie (1966), which went into syndication at that time.

Just then, Sisko calls for all senior officers. Sisko introduces Buck Bokai to the senior staff, pointing out that the former baseball great had been dead for two hundred years, and Rumpelstiltskin, who expresses annoyance that now everyone knows his name. Sisko asks Dax if these puzzling events could be related to the thoron emissions, but she doesn't seem to know what he is talking about. Then the real Jadzia Dax appears, much to Bashir's embarrassment.

Elderly grocer Mr. Trimble (Wally Maher) is in a chatty mood, wanting to talk about a mushy eggplant he sold her. He agrees to cash the check but is slow counting out the money from the cash drawer, making Liz a nervous wreck. He finally finishes, only to misread the check and count out $5.00 instead of five hundred! 041b061a72


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