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International Love

Love Data Week was established in 2016 as Love Your Data week. Originally created in the USA and coordinated by Heather Coates, it quickly grew to an international event in which a wide range of institutions, organizations, scholars, students, and other data lovers could celebrate their data. Read more ...

International Love

Auburn University Libraries is participating in International Love Data Week, Feb. 13-17. Love Data Week is an international celebration of data, taking place every year during the week of Valentine's day. Universities, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, corporations and individuals are encouraged to host and participate in data-related events and activities.

I am fine with an entry as long as it has a relationship system in it! The theme of this jam is to explore different ways to convey love in video games. If you think you are capable of pulling that off with a more complex game in just a single month then by all means try it out! Text-only games are fine!

Data is for everyone! Wait ... data are for everyone? Either way, Love Data Week 2022 is about how different folks use data. If you haven't participated before, Love Data Week is the international celebration of data. This year the event is focused on the people side of data. What does data look like in different disciplines? How about biases in data... who is "in" the data and who is invisible?

I met my most memorable travel love in Rome after waking up from a nap, and finding him in my hostel dorm room. My alarm started ringing to wake me up for happy hour on the roof, and before making my way up, I convinced this gorgeous Brazilian to join me.

Léone taught foreign language in high school and Bob worked as a physicist first in the semiconductor industry and ultimately in biotech where he flourished. They retired in 2009 to continue to pursue their love of scuba diving and exploration.

More recently, Bob and Léone decided to make Mills-Peninsula a beneficiary in their estate plan. The couple had begun philanthropic partnerships with the Coral Reef Alliance because of their love of scuba diving and seeing firsthand the destruction of coral all around the world. They also had an interest in supporting the American Cancer Society but realized that it was already a well-funded organization and they wanted to support an organization where they could make a bigger impact.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that people should learn never to allow emotions to influence their decisions, and learn that wisdom can be developed through tranquility. By following these suggestions, one can become a world citizen who approaches difficulties and obstacles with a positive attitude and possess the wisdom of balancing Yin and Yang, which allows one to manage evil with goodness. Through wisdom and the concept of love and peace, we can find the best, most rapid, most beneficial, and correct way to facilitate UN reform and assist every country. It is the path for the UN and all countries to follow.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that when there is no love, there is no peace. Peace needs love and love needs to be balanced. The way to achieving balance is very important. Love of the world is a goal worth our lifelong pursuit, and shouldering the responsibility is a worthy commitment. God is watching over us and He will guide us.

A girl walks into a bar with her sister in Grenoble, France. She is teased by the handsome bartender who pretends not to understand English. The rest of the story is one of romance, perseverance and international intrigue. Spoiler Alert! They end up married!

Thus begins the incredibly romantic love story of Ashley and Billy. Continents away and oceans apart, this unlikely couple endured separation, relocation, citizenship delays and an eventual elopement. Finally, they circle back to Ashley's father's little home town in the Adirondacks to share their union with family and friends.

As avid hikers, campers and seasoned travelers, this couple wanted to tell their story throughout their wedding weekend. The Adirondack autumn responded by wearing its finest colors and provided the backdrop that mirrored their love of all things outdoors. They chose the Wild Center in Tupper Lake as the site of their ceremony and reception and added many special touches to the already beautiful surroundings.

Of special interest to Ashley and Billy were the flowers. They both wanted the flowers to speak of love, fall, nature and family. We succeeded on all fronts by providing them with dahlias and hydrangeas grown in our own gardens, wild grapes and apples picked from our own forests, feathers, sticks and pods collected in our own yards and strawflowers grown and dried in our own workshop. And because Ashley's grandmother was a favorite aunt of ours and her dad is a favorite cousin, the family love positively glowed from within the blooms themselves.

The wedding ceremony was scheduled to take place alongside the pond at the Wild Center. A week of unseasonably warm weather preceding the wedding day had our hopes high. But alas, the rains came and blessed us with showers so the ceremony was moved inside the tent. But as we always say, "It's all about the love. Nothing else matters."

And love there was. Love in the raindrops, love in the bilingual ceremony and speeches, love in the flowers and decor, love in the homemade favors of jam and salted caramel, love in the dancing and singing, love in the dessert table that was baked and prepared by the aunts and cousins, and love in the family and friends. 041b061a72


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